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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This practical timber wooden wallstore, constructed from sustainably-sourced timber, is an attractive and compact lockable storage unit for any outdoor area.The natural-looking dipped honey brown shade will fit unassumingly into any garden setting.
Last May the Bike Shed went balls-out with our third exhibition, celebrating the new-wave cafe racer custom scene, featuring over 120 brats, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, cafe racers, and a whole bunch of category-defying custom bikes.
The Bike Shed is run by a bunch of volunteers, none of whom come from the Motorcycle Industry.
If you missed the London exhibition last May, check out the photos on this page, many of them taken before the doors opened, so you can see the layout. It may be late but you guys have the best photos from the event , and it was a milestone event in my eyes ….
Pics thanks to Daniel Beres, Laurent Nivalle, James McCoombe, Matt Bone, and a few others I forgot. Looking forward to 2015; will definitely be at Tobacco Dock in May, and try and stop me popping down to Paris in April.
Hi, does anyone know anything about the artwork on display at the Bikeshed show at Tobacco Dock. Thanks for giving me the perfect inspiration for a long overdue trip back to London in 2015. Steve from Indie customs here, we came to the show at tobacco dock last year and were impressed to say the least.
This spring time we hope to have a couple of new bikes finished, can you let me know how we go about exhibiting them at this years show. We’ll impressed by 2014 show it was awesome will be riding some good roads in Germany on the dates for the 2015 show. If you’re not the type of person who likes to store their bike indoors, then you know the possible damage that comes with storing your bike outside. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The customer for this commission wanted a bike capable of eating up continental miles in comfort, perhaps on something that would have enough torque to spin planet earth beneath him rather than use speed to reach a destination. Having removed the equivalent weight of normal motorcycle in plastics, pipework and cast wheels Alec and Rafe set about adding the OEM stamp of practical retrogression. The swept back bars seemingly disappear behind the clocks, leaving a clear view of the dash, and give a relaxed riding position suitable for pounding the miles in comfort. Making modern machinery look simple is no easy feat as Alec goes on to tell us “The original subframe was removed so we had a fresh start at a new bolt-on section that needed to tie in cleverly to accomplish the simple lines of the concept, but retain a wide enough seat for all-day comfort. The original tank was narrowed and gutted and a new inner fabricated with balance pipes, a tap, internal breather and billet filler caps. As ever, Alec & Rafe try to utilise the skills of local businesses and craftspeople to achieve their goal of building truly individual motorcycles.

With lockable double doors, it's a secure and easily accesible store to keep logs, tools, bikes and gardening equipment safe.
The central London venue at Tobacco Dock was easy to access, hospitable and we made sure there was great food, barrista coffee, a bar, cigar lounge, barbershop and plenty of reason (and space) to hang out all day with your mates, or with the family, or on your own, reading a magazine and enjoying the vibe.
We created the blog, ride, events and our exhibitions simply because we they didn’t already exist. I remember the tail end of the original Cafe Racer scene and back then we could only dream of full on events like this. For the last two years I have been watching what you do and what you exhibit, it gets my enthusiasm soaring, I am putting some time and money aside to get myself a project going. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. They can run relatively cheap to very expensive depending on size, brand and type of material that’s used in the shed. Normally meant for motorcycles, shelters are just a simple thick “box” that lifts over your bike. These are a great protection from all of the elements that Mother Nature might throw your way. Any enclosure for your bike when it’s stored away is better than leaving your bike outside. This 1650cc Victory Hammer by Norfolk young guns Old Empire Motorcycles is a transatlantic blend of modern brawn and nostalgia.
Being a Brit, Alec Sharp, founder of OEM, likes an underdog so decided against the tried and tested Harley-Davidson platform and opted for the Victory. For a more balanced look the super-wide rear wheel sizing was altered courtesy of an 80 spoke dual flanged rim with a hub machined by Harrison Billet to adapt to the standard pulley and incorporates a floating disc. Although this sounds simple, an unbelievable amount of work is required to make the forks function properly yet sit lower.
An added complexity was the twin spar frame design, with two top tubes splaying out from the head stock (imagine a Ducati trellis type layout) meaning that following our visual designs we would want to drop the tank nice and low to get that curvaceous line, reducing the fuel capacity from around 17 litres to around 4…. With a Power Commander installed the 1650 cubic centimetres of American muscle can be tuned to suit the more open filters and lightly baffled stainless exhausts.
It must be working as the Gladiator’s owner has set off, roaring across Europe, and there are other builds in the pipeline to be featured here soon.
There was also great gear to buy, plus stunning art, photography film and even a little live music (ok, he was a busker, but he was very good). Had bikes from a young age and had to leave the scene for a while due to money and time, I am ready to return and make up for lost time. You can also buy a small metal shed from your local hardware store and use that to store you bike as well.
They can range anywhere from $200 to as much as $2,000, and you’ll usually need to put some form of foundation down, but you’ll save big time in the long run.

Take serious consideration of your financial situation before investing in a bike storage shed. And in the patinated dark tan corner, weighing in at 650lbs, all the way from Dickinson County, Iowa; The Glaadiaatooooorr. Real world practicality with aggressive looks is achieved with Pirelli’s Scorpion dual sport rubber. The Cerakoted engine casings with brass detailing further testament to Alec’s fastidious attention to the most minor of details. You also know that leaving your bike outside can cause severe weather damage to small parts, costing you hundreds of dollars in repair each year.
With some portable electricity such as a generator, you can even use these types of enclosures to do work on your bike. Lead times to be used as a guide only.For postable items, goods will be sent Royal Mail or courier.
You can face these sheds in any direction you want, so as to hide your bike, and they don’t require any sort of concrete foundation. However, when used for a bike storage shed, they are perfect for small yards and small garages where you might keep your bike, so if you don’t have a lot of space this is a good option. You don’t have to bring your bike into your house at night to get into light with a fully enclosed bike storage shed. No matter what, make sure your bike storage shed is right for the area you’re in and the weather you might encounter. Open bike sheds are great if you live in a relatively dry area that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation.
Take the time to build a sturdy bike storage shed and you’ll surely reap the rewards when it comes time to pull your bike out from storage and get riding. They consolidate deliveries based on postal code which determines how soon you will receive your item.
In most instances the carriers will contact you to book an available delivery day based upon their schedule. Their contact numbers may appear as withheld and they do not always leave an answer phone message. Please note: Customers outside UK may also be liable for any customs and import duty, quotas, permits, product restrictions and other local requirements.

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