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Cooking Channel's Man Fire Food explores some of the coolest ways people cook with fire, from small campfires to giant custom-made grills and smokers. I didn’t feel like doing the math or the measurements either, so I simply guesstimated and moved to the machine to sew the pieces together. I like the carefree feel of the finished block, and I love the mystery of piecing scraps together, not knowing exactly how the block will turn out till it reaches the desired size. March 31, 2010 by laura west kong · 6 Comments Recently I had a whole day to myself to work on quilts.
The side borders are a case of measure twice but cut some random too-short length that has nothing whatsoever to do with what I measured at all. Find out how to make the embellished binding in my Zephirine Drouhin and Latte quilts (Latte shown at right).
If you’re looking for the QNM Online Extra step-by-step photos of my silk dyeing adventures, click here. March 15, 2010 by laura west kong · 1 Comment Santa Fe, New Mexico is certainly an inspiring place to visit.
I thought it would be a breeze, since I’m used to teaching quilting and crafting techniques, but there are a few significant differences between TV and the live classroom. These segments will air on Creative Living in 2011, but I’ll give you a YouTube preview soon! February 3, 2010 by laura west kong · 2 Comments Still making a block a day for my Dear Diary 2010 quilt. January 26, 2010 by laura west kong · 2 Comments What’s more fun than Disneyland and crafty too? The cute mouse pincushion has slightly fewer buttons than the lion, but would make a fun addition to any sewing room. Today I demonstrated fabric painting and fabric ribbon rosettes at the CHA Winter Trade Show.
Peel off the paper backing and fuse the reverse side of the other fabric to the first piece of fabric.
Fold the fabric ribbon on top to start the third petal and bring the ribbon to the back again to complete the third petal.
Continue folding the fabric ribbon from front to back and back to front until you’ve completed all six petals.

Pick up the needle and thread and make several hand stitches through the center to secure all the petals.
Using a 1″ paintbrush and Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint (the ones in the plastic jars) make random diagonal brushstrokes across the fabric. Now add more water to the paint to make a thinner consistency and cover the entire piece of fabric with a thin coat of paint.
Most of these cozy hangouts had humble beginnings: they started out as sheds but now are character-filled backyard living spaces. I am a freelance interior designer with retail and branding expertise and am passionate about all things design.
The 2012 Northwest Flower & Garden Show is not only the nation’s second largest garden show it’s also the third largest show in the world. Listen to Behind-The-Scenes Stories: Hear “insider’s secrets” about the show from Janet Endsley, NWFGS seminar manager and social media manager. Listen to this special podcast report with Janet Endsley of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It quickly became apparent that the block wasn’t going to be big enough and it wasn’t even going to be square! Don’t you love it when mistakes make things turn out better than they would have been otherwise? I melted broken crayon bits to make the lines, then filled in the empty spaces with watered-down acrylic paints. So it was either make an entirely new block from scratch or attempt to save the day with some satin stitching in bright blue rayon. I had a sample of Glide Trilobal Polyester thread from Fil-Tec Bobbin Central that I’d been saving to try out on a mini quilt top. Petaloo Color Me Crazy: Fun paper, cotton, velvet and mulberry flowers to color and decorate for all your creative projects! Halina Tepper, Button Sculptor: Halina make amazing sculptures from buttons and recycled materials. The buttons on the finished kangaroo are made from the same used glue bottles that form the base.
Try some fabric painting fun to jazz it up a bit and turn it into something you actually WANT to use!

8-12, Seasonal Wisdom is providing a “behind-the-scenes” look at this top-rated source of gardening ideas, exhibitors and presentations, including two upcoming talks by yours truly.
8-12, 2012, mark your calendar to attend the 2012 Northwest Flower & Garden Show (NWFGS), at the Washington State Convention Center. She explains how these gorgeous gardens are created from scratch in record time, and what to expect for 2012. Don’t miss these demonstrations by my partner on this special podcast report: Jayme Jenkins of aHa! Rather than start all over again I found a rectangle of polka dotted blue in my scrap box which was coincidentally exactly the size I needed and cut the cloud fabric to fit.
At the very least you’ll be warmed-up and ready to go, but you might also end up with a charming quilt top as well.
I started out with a 24 x 20″ piece of white Kona Cotton and played around to see what it could do.
I wonder if I would have been so carefree if I had known I was going to turn it into something in the end?
I don’t recommend using two painted fabrics back-to-back unless you plan to use glue to secure the rosette. If the crease is part of the third petal then your first three petals are too large for the length of your fabric ribbon. If you have a large button you can spread your stitches out further where there are fewer layers of fabric. Dip the paint brush in a little water if you wish, but don’t use too much water at this point because you want to have some opaque areas that block the pattern and some translucent ones that let the pattern peek through. Don’t miss this special podcast interview with Northwest Flower & Garden Show organizers! If the crease is at or beyond the fold of the third petal, then you will have enough fabric ribbon for three more petals. The darker parts of the brushstrokes with the pattern showing through have less paint and more water.

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