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We have been delighted with the outstanding job that All Oregon Landscaping has done on our backyard project. From the minute we first met Craig and his team we were instantly impressed with how they listened to what we wanted to accomplish.
We have enjoyed being customers of All Oregon Landscaping for over 11 years, which has included the full design, implementation and maintenance of landscaping for two custom homes with highly manicured lawns and gardens involving high quality plant material, elegant lighting, accent boulders, well-sculpted hardscaping, water features and swimming pools. All Oregon’s excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and knowledgeable employees helped us to create a truly unique outdoor living space that is enjoyed year round. We have contracted many companies over the years, from home builders to remodels and to be honest every one of them were a total nightmare. I want to let you know that our experience with All Oregon was nothing less than excellent.
We hired All Oregon Landscaping to do two landscaping projects for our home and also to provide weekly landscape maintenance. For both projects, All Oregon Landscaping provided outstanding recommendations, design, installation and follow-up.
At All Oregon Landscaping we understand that your home is a reflection of you, therefore it’s important who you choose to work with. I don’t think that pubs in gardens is such a surprise to the non sheddies in the Ten months since the last post, since then we have had Shed of the year on Channel 4 and more and more people have seen the power and beauty of sheds. So here are Twelve more amazing sheds you would love in your garden – no general theme apart from that the shedddies have put in a lot of effort and love and attention in building their oasis in their back gardens. This design looks like it could be out on the streets of Portland, not tucked away in a backyard.
This is a well designed space that can be used as a pub shed or place to pot plants or other yard crafts. Style it however you like by going either full on “man cave” or dialing it back creating a multi-use space that doubles as a bar for yard parties and barbecues.
They took a backyard that had been sadly and drearily landscaped and transformed it into a spectacular showpiece. They took our thoughts and drew up the plans that looked exactly like what we had envisioned.
The All Oregon Team delivers a high quality landscaping experience with excellent recurring customer service.
The first project consisted of a landscape redesign and the installation of synthetic lawn for our backyard. The installation crews were very professional providing high quality work, always on task and leaving the work areas totally clean when completed.

All Oregon Landscaping is a family owned business that has been in existence for 23+ years. Imagine a nice, well-built shed outfitted as a personal lounge complete with beer taps, comfy chairs, a television, and anything else you can imagine to make your backyard life buzz! Little touches like the hanging dart board and the sign make it an inviting place to hang out. The slanted roof will drain nicely so that even during rainy Portland winters this space could be a nice respite.
We handle all landscape design elements, be it boulders, fountains, outdoor kitchens, gardens, or pub sheds anywhere in the Portland area.
The ultimate compliment has been from the many people who walk through our neighborhood and who have watched the project from beginning to end telling us how gorgeous our new backyard is compared to how it had appeared before. Even if I knew what I was doing, I could not have put it together better myself You listened to our needs and wants and came through better than we could have ever anticipated.
We were involved with the ideas of the landscape and with the expertise and professionalism of the team, it all came together timely and on budget. We’d love to add a pub shed to our next landscape design, and it seems entirely fitting because we work mostly in the Portland area. It includes, a pool table, jukebox, cinema system and bar at a cost of roughly $22,000 (converted from British Pounds). Several of those individuals have even asked for All Oregons contact information because of our project!!! From start to finish All Oregon did exactly and more than promised and are you ready for this?
Planners visualize this assessment by drawing circles representing a quarter mile from center to edge, and then place them over centers of activity.
Believe it or not – Portland has more breweries than any city in the entire world and finding some amazing beer for your pub shed is an easy task. The many individuals who make up the All Oregon Landscaping team have been wonderful, from the landscape designer, who had impressive artistic vision for both our hardscape and landscape, to the workers who brought that vision to fruition. The workers were always very professional, always cleaned up after themselves, and very hard working.
What we love the most is that it does not look like we put a water feature in our backyard.
The result is a quick read on which residences are within reasonable walking distance, together with an idea for where further density might make sense.(It’s worth noting that the five minute walk is a pretty rough tool and there are plenty of exceptions. All have been incredibly professional, courteous and responsive to time constraints and unpredictable schedules and weather!!

It looks like we built our home around a natural water feature that has been there for years. The design team is stellar, the crew was the greatest and Tony Prunty radiated professionalism in his field.
We have been in our home for seven years now and All Oregon has always been available to help with our maintenance. My neighbors and friends have all commented on how the landscape design adds to our home and how beautiful our landscaping always looks.
Furthermore, people rarely walk a straight line to their destinations, taking more circuitous, on-the-ground routes instead that add a little extra distance. But you get the idea.)I find ped sheds especially interesting as they relate to economic development and the social fabric of community. You know you have something special when your neighbors bring their friends and family over to your home to show off your backyard. That is, if people are out and walking then where are they ending up and who are they crossing paths with along the way?My town of Decatur, Georgia — already pretty walkable, especially by Sun Belt standards — has, for the past 15 years or so, been developing a thriving pub scene. In addition to some long-time institutions already in place, we now have a growing number of neighborhood-friendly taverns spread around town.These are where neighbors go, hang out, and get to know each other, and they’ve contributed to the fact that, here in Decatur, craft beer has pretty much become a de facto component of the city’s economic development strategy.
Based on our existing establishments, what portion of our residents have a neighborhood pub in the truest sense of the term?The result?
The pub shed — a diagrammatic look at walkability and beer.See it below (and click for a better view). Every circle is centered on one of our pubs and the results show homes within a quarter mile of each. Not too bad, especially for a small, southern town, but if it turns out that people are willing, like with transit, to walk ten minutes for suds rather than just five then, well, coverage improves dramatically.The Decatur, Georgia, pub shed. Click for larger view.The fun part (at least for geeks like me) is that you can do an exercise like this for any of your community’s shared amenities — coffee shops, schools, parks, etc.
I just find pubs especially relevant because, if ever there was a business you should be walking to (and from) rather than driving, it’s your bar.Thankfully, my particular residence is well served. Cheers!Scott Doyon is principal, director of client marketing services with Placemakers, a planning, coding, marketing, and implementation firm.
Topics: Traffic congestion, Zoning, DOT mainstreams livability, HUD's Sustainable Communities, Transit-oriented development, TOD tips, Form-based codes, Parking minimums, New classical town, Urban retail, James H.

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