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Now for all my other clamps, I use a simple rack made from various piece of cheap construction lumber.
On a related note, I covered the topic of clamps way back in Episode 12 – The Big Squeeze. I know I don’t have quite as many as Marc, but I have a LOT more clamps than most hobbyists I know, and they cam early on in the shop buildup process.
I was initially trying to get all wooden handled clamps, but after owning them, I am REALLY liking the plasticy rubber handles on the 36″ models.
Thanks for the mention of the Harbor Freight clamps…I just saw them today and wondered if any clamps sold so cheaply could be decent. As the holidays approach, my mind always turns to small, simple (yet elegant) projects that we can make for our family and friends.
And just to help you along, I did my best to create a working SketchUp file that should be perfectly to scale. I’ve been waiting to see these magazine racks since you mentioned them on Woodtalk Online.

I own a copy of David Marks’ DVD on curvilinear design, and I had done some bent-wood lamination development on other projects. Now I don’t normally push product on people, but this is the exact finish I cover in my Simple Varnish Finish DVD. My fear, and this is from personal experience of making these mistakes, is that in 5 years when the novelty of purpleheart wood wears off, this piece will start to look a little busy and might not suit your tastes as you get older. So if you are looking to lighten the piece visually, you could possibly make a few solid maple panels, and only use the checkerboards as accents. Well Dude, I am happy to say that I finished the hope chest in my last days as a single and free man! It is pretty crazy to think, myself being so obsessed with perfection and complexity can be missing the whole essence of whats really going on cause i am so caught up with my own self manifested standards. So you know those extra checkerboard panels that you suggested cutting the ends off and giving them away as presents? Some might find this piece compelling and interesting, while others might find it difficult to look at.

Looking for people who is interested in auto sport to become a TestFlight pilot for up-coming new release of AR1 iPhone APP. During the TestFlight you will have access to the latest auto news and content from iPhone. We had been wanting a coffee table for our new couch and all round, square, or rectangle tables just didn’t fit.
The cone filter sparked an idea for the shape of the table, so I walked over to the couch and held the filter out in front of me.
I used the two ply method for gluing up the veneer so that I could center the radial pattern.

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the wood whisperer table saw

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