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Our Planed All Round American Cherry is accurately machined using state of the art German technology, ensuring you receive timber that is perfectly smooth and straight, making it a pleasure to work with. If you require set lengths of timber or non-standard sizes, please contact our Sales Office who will be happy to advise you, as there is often wastage to account for with specific cutting lists. Our Planed All Round American Cherry has a heartwood that can vary in colour from reddish brown to either deep red or a lighter red-brown. Typical Uses Furniture, cabinetmaking, quality joinery, turning, carving, musical instruments including pianos and violin bows and decorative veneers. All hardwood products are manufactured locally on site ensuring quality control throughout the production chain.
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Use Kronofloor P5 18mm for domestic floating floors and Kronofloor P5 22mm for non-domestic floating floors or for floors requiring restricted deflection. At Magnet Trade we fully recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact of our business on the planet, and the need to help our customers and partners be environmentally considerate.
September 30, 2009 by John Hendricks, Architect AIA 3 Comments Being an architect who designs heavy timber homes, I’ve found that there is a lot of confusion between timber frame vs. Before we delve into the differences, it should be noted that one characteristic of both timber frame and post and beam construction is the articulation of the skeleton of a building. Timber Framing is a traditional form of wood construction that has origins in early furniture making, and can be traced back to early oriental architecture. True timber frames rely on tight fitting joinery, the integrity of the materials, and critical geometry to create a self supporting structure. Timber framing is a specialty craft that requires careful joinery, specialty tools, and skilled, patient carpenters.
If you interested in learning more about timber framing, Tedd Benson has some excellent books on the subject.
Many mountain style homes employ some elements of wood timber construction, either as the main structural system or as accents in the form of trusses, roof supports, brackets, braces, or corbels. Like timber framing, post and beam construction also requires skilled carpenters to create tight, well crafted joints, but fabrication and assembly tends to be less time consuming and intricate. For more photographs of mountain style homes featuring post and beam construction, see our architectural projects.
There are many great builders throughout the country who build quality heavy timber construction.
We are mountain architects specializing in mountain architecture throughout North America, from lodges and lakefront homes to cabins and beach houses. Mixed wood is when we take 2 or more different species of wood, and combine them together to create a piece of furniture. We use a clear wood finish, allowing the contrast between the two wood species to emerge naturally in the design. Moses can also create inlays, which embed a second hardwood into another wood—creating a beautiful contrasting effect.

It’s important to note that we cannot finish the inlay a different stain color than the rest of the table, that would create the potential for runs and streaks to emerge over time. Fluting is an alternating ‘raised and lowered’ pattern in hardwood, it is generally done on the legs or skirt of a dining table. Border tables are a mixed wood design where the tabletop is created from two different hardwoods, creating a dramatic contrast. A Timber Edge isn’t a mixed wood design, it is a custom table edge that creates an extra-large end cap all around the tabletop.
Unfortunately, utilizing two or more wood stains on a dining table is much more limited than utilizing two different wood species. Staining different parts of a table in two different colors requires that those table parts be physically separated while they’re being stained. If you have any questions about our mixed wood tables, please email us or call us at 1-888-900-5235.
This is achieved by exposing timber or log components as an honest expression of the building frame, giving it a rugged, rustic appearance. Some timber frame buildings erected during medieval times in old Europe are still standing, a testament to the integrity and longevity of this building system. Because mechanical fasteners were not readily available and had to be hand made until relatively modern times, timber frames were (and still are) held together using wood pegs or wedges.
Some purist practitioners of timber framing use only hand tools out of respect for the craft tradition.
Residing in Sandpoint, Idaho, Collin is a humble young craftsman with extensive timber framing experience, and will be speaking at the Timber Framers Guild Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York this November. Post and beam construction often resembles timber framing, with the important distinction that post and beam construction utilizes mechanical fasteners and often steel plate connectors to join adjacent members together. It often takes a trained eye to distinguish between a true timber frame and well done post and beam construction.
If you are interested in creating a mountain style timber home, we would enjoy the opportunity to work with you on the design, and can recommend some excellent Contractors. The mountain architecture vernacular consists of bold, natural and textured buildings and materials. The contrast of color and grain in an inlay comes from the natural features of the hardwood the inlay is created from. The timber edge replaces the typical table skirt, and serves to hide the leaf storage mechanism and hardware connections in the base of the table. This generally limits us to staining the tabletop, table skirt, and table base in different wood stains.
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CE2+ Structural suitable for flat roofing, hoarding, sarking, sheathing, groundwork, temporary decking, protection, packing, stables and portable buildings, agricultural buildings. BS EN636-3 suitable for flooring underlay’s, soffits, fascia’s, joinery, floor overlays, shelving, vehicle lining, packaging, signwriting, boxing-in, partitions, dry lining systems, container lining, formwork.

While there is some gray area in the distinction between them, there are real differences between these styles. When it is thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed, the beauty of timber construction becomes the primary visual element of a building, and additional ornamentation or decoration is unnecessary.
By driving pegs into slightly misaligned holes in mating frame elements, timber framers are able to draw parts together to create surprisingly stiff connections. Timber framing tends to be more expensive than timber post and beam construction, though some of the added cost is offset by the fact that a well designed timber frame doesn’t need to rely on shear walls or infill framing to achieve lateral stability. Cost and the desire for authenticity are important factors in deciding which system to use.
Hendricks Architecture specializes in the design of timber mountain style homes and cabins. These buildings should functionally and aesthetically withstand rugged mountainous environments, as well as blend into the topography. Their talents really come into focus when you look at some of the mixed wood designs that Moses and his team created. Collin notes, “The biggest difference that I find between Timber Framing and conventional construction is the pure joy that the craftsman and client receive when taking part in the process. Wood post and beam frames are rarely used as the only structural system for a building, usually they require additional structural elements like shear panels and infill framing to create a stable structure.
Timber post and beam construction shares with timber framing an appreciation for the beauty of wood and careful connections, but nods in deference when it comes to purity of tradition and level of craft.
Mountain homes should take advantage of nature by bringing the outdoors in through ample amounts of glazing and natural materials, and…Origins of Mountain Architecture in America10000While mountain architecture is not the only type of work we design, most of the homes we've completed are in mountain resort areas, and most of our clients are looking for mountain style homes, often fairly rustic. American cherry has a fine texture and a rich satiny lustre and can be found with dark wavy streaks. Most of our clients are looking for mountain style homes, often with a rugged, rustic appearance. Mountain Architecture is a broad term used to describe this rustic style of building, and can be found…Arts and Crafts Style Architecture10000If you take a walk through the older neighborhoods of any American town, you are likely to see examples of homes whose designs were inspired by Arts and Crafts style architects. Another words, the hand hewn beams with wooden pegs and mortised joints and NO nails anywhere are what is holding it all together. Timber pegs are usually critical structural links, and hence are made of robust wood species like oak, ash, or maple.
For more information on the mountain style, see Origins of Mountain Architecture in America. If you are interested in a mountain home, or you have any other inquiries, please contact us.

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