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Finishing this video (before the stinger), it felt like I’d just watched the maturity of someone who started off this show to have fun with awful anime from their youth, to someone who also looked at those shows which he loved unabashedly, and share some of the better parts of those old pictures from the east. As an aside, however, I would like to know what it was that continued to knock Gabe out over and over. I think it was referring to the frequent times that Bennet would throw an object out the windo and it would home in on Gabe’s head. I definitely don’t feel cheated, but I would have liked to have seen at least 1 violent scene. It can be incredibly difficult to show real pain and emotion, but your episode here perfectly captured it. Not to mention, and I know this is the internet and not everyone will agree with me but…some things are just not funny. It was hardly the first manga to include children getting killed violently either; I suggest you read Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu. Speaking of a lousy par, you were ragging on about how much of a disgusting human being Go Nagai was before describing the scenes in the OVA, like the broomstick part, which he had nothing to do with.
So even if a manga had far more graphic & hateful content, it wouldn’t be as bad so long as the art is good?
I think you need to take a break and relax with some Enma-Kun, or wait is that too Misanthropic for you? What does that say about the people who wrote A Clockwork Orange, American Psycho, or Battle Royal? The humans whom are portrayed to be cruel and violent and LITERALLY JUST AS BAD, IT IS FLAT OUT SAID IN THE END OF THE STORY, AS DEMONS. Go Nagai, from interviews, from his writing, seems like a very simple man to me, but not in a bad way. You keep mentioning these phantom interviews, but where exactly are you seeing all this hate? He’s done a lot more work than than you seem to think, and not all of it is completely dark. People can write whatever they want to, they shouldn’t have to be justified for doing so.
By continuously hating humanity and making sick and violent content as he does, he makes himself a hypocrite. That’s because when he writes about how evil God is, how violent and monstrous humanity is and displays the graph crape of women and the graphic deaths of kids, he does! The Apocalypse Zero review was painful to watch, as so much of that was horrifying brutality or over the top perversion. I’ve been DREADING the Violence Jack review, because everything hinted at and everything I read about it made it sound worse. It shows us the possibilities of what you could have done, and explains in no uncertain terms that Violence Jack is an anime that is so violent, so cruel, so utterly brutal that it’s impossible to review while maintaining your self respect. You also show us just how much this review has torn you apart, and get in some really creepy and unsettling bits in there too.
Plus, you managed to make the review funny in spite of the horrendous anime you had to work with.
I actually kind of want to watch the review again because it was so enjoyable, and it’s a good dose of validation for everyone who avoids ultra violent anime and movies.
Being a deranged lunatic who for some reason wanted to see this anime, I went to Youtube to watch the original uncut video.
One particular comment I found just that I feel succinctly summed the whole comment section up was one guy who said “Thank you so much! Even though this video didn’t show any footage from violent jack, I really do like this review.

I wouldn’t know how to approach violence jack either, I saw it for the first time recently and I really have no other words to describe it besides it by far one of the most over the top spectacles of violence I have seen in animation. You know strangely enough he manged to convey exactly what the problem with the show is with only descriptions and audio clips. That was very entertaining, But after watching the review, Though I don’t think it worked as a review. Never seen it, thank god, but from the description of what happens in it its pretty understandable, all I really wanted to know was what happened in it that well nearly made you go insane. Having seen the cut version of Violence Jack (which is already anime nihilism), this was probably the best way to do the episode.
Now for the video… unique seeing you cry made me feel guilty (19:17) the camera angles chosen brought on a feeling of disorientation The Beard was weird, stop it! I live in Australia, of course I flipped the OFLC the bird for denying me the opportunity to watch something as an adult because my own continent hates me. Also, you were terrifying in the opening sketch with the doll, just wanted to let you know. There are heaps upon heaps of works across all mediums that depict extreme violence, rape, child murder etc, and it just so happens a lot of them are considered products of high quality; some are even considered masterpieces. And a lot of harshness in an anime or manga can be forgiven if there’s at least SOME redeemable elements like decent artwork, or voice acting, or a very relatable or admirable main character, or if the story is fun, or even over the top, not taking itself seriously.
Because at least if we can’t appreciate it on a moral level, we can praise it artistically. So Go Nagai’s outdated art style is part of what makes it so despicable in your warped opinion? Sage put effort into this video, into this video where he stabs a baby doll and blood spurts out. As I’ve said before, not all his stories are about the death and destruction of humanity, Cutie Honey for example.
Your excuse for defending him engaging in dark nihilistic cynicism bordering on misanthropy is that hey, he’s done pornographic work too! And he’s done that a LOT, and then REMADE the series in which he did that stuff several times over! Lachlin’s opening segment was creepy and funny, and the Stinger after the credits was hilarious. The reason the anime is so heavily saturated with disturbing violence is because Sho Aikawa, Takayu Wada & Osamu Kamijo seem to be infatuated with this kind of stuff. Also, I’m not huge in directing or anything, but this really shows that Bennett (in my opinion) does really well in front of a camera.
Which made me realise the brilliance of this, I’m not sure of Bennett realised he was Werner Herzogging it instead of Annoing like he feared.
And I gotta say, I’ve seen one scene of Violence Jack, and it was the chainsaw dismemberment.
From the note from the sexualy liberated and vengeful australian to the evangelion ending, with enough Psycho-Sage to satiate my hunger for sickness.
A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. Whatever genuinely good people are in the story are either horribly killed or victimized beyond measure.
But being the all-knowing critic you are, I suppose anything that depicts such disgusting & offensive acts must be dead-set garbage.
Oh sorry, that must be ruined for you too by Go Nagai’s inherent cynical insistence on how awful we are.
Not just the violent, graphic deaths of children as we saw in Devilman, VJ, or one of his first manga in which an entire school and their teachers are slaughtered by the PTA!

In the interview that Mr Grey posted Nagai only said that growing up in a post world war II japan affected his writing. As Bennett said, this is not a consequence free zone, you can’t just fling whatever you want out there into the ether. I truly felt the pain and the emotions that must’ve gone on through the process of making this review.
But then I decided to take a gander at the comment section (because I’m kind of an idiot that way).
And you well expressed that existential crisis of dealing with some of the crap in our lives. I didn’t understand why I was doing this to myself, until I saw something even worse. I finally decided Go Nagai had to have been high when he wrote it, there is no other possible explanation for something so blatantly misanthropic, cruel, twisted, monstrous, pitiless and foul. But Riki-Oh’s violence is over the top and the main character is, surprisingly, very compassionate and noble.
And I’m talking about when his manga was being published in the weekly shonen magazine. Or the Devil girl series, or the new Devilman series or the new VIOLENCE JACK series, or Demon lord Dante, shall I goon or do you get that him drawing porn and violence kinda outweighs the work he’s done on his giant robot manga? And making a story that is meant to be taken DEAD SERIOUS which shows humanity as deserving of genocide is FUCKING WRONG. And though you didn’t show it, I feel like you captured the true horror and disgusting nature of the anime and the effect it can have on the reviewer. There were people honestly raising this anime as good and even having the gall to give it 5 stars.
Whether it be that this is a growth of the AA character of Ben, or the man behind it, this was a fulfilling experience.
There was this war footage from Syria, people ripping their victim’s hearts out, making bad puns. Even with the stinger at the end, it’s more or less a dead ringer for my previous assumptions of the sense of growth, coming at, timely enough, the end of the year. You also managed to display true emotion on a comedy show, without it being contrived or heavy-handed, and that’s quite and accomplishment.
My depressive numbness aside, knowing that Mola Ram from Temple Of Doom has more dignity than Syrian insurgents because of Violence Jack of all things made the world a better place.
He refused to tone it down even though readers were avoiding it and bashing it like the plague. I don’t know why in the holy living hell Go Nagai even went the route he went through Devilman and through VJ. Kerman’s humanity can make the blood sacrifice of animals by a cackling Italian madman watchable. You wanna say that this represents the horrors of a war-torn world and the monstrosities people allow to be committed when they don’t have rules to follow? Don’t rape a woman with a broomstick or split people apart like banana peels and tell me it symbolizes war.

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