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Sharon and Jerry Hounshell happy customers from Dayton Ohio, with 7x14 v nose finished interior motorcycle cargo trailer. This page has been visited 12,505 times since August 25th, 2010Mobile Space has been visited 10,530,260 total times. Enjoy the comfort and relax in one of Andrew's spacious Limousines while your skis, golf clubs, or luggage is stored safely in the trailer. Make your reservations with Andrew's Limousine today or contact us for more information on custom packages.
Most folks don’t think twice about storing their sewer hose in their RVs square tube rear bumper.
In order for your sewer hose to be able to dry out, it is necessary to provide some ventilation to the tubing.
I did this but I mounted mine underneath the rv next to the dump valves so it is readily available.. I installed the 5″ square fence post type onder the 5er right next to the dump connection, sure is handy.
Once you have made the mod for storing your sewer hose, that leaves the bumper storage available for other uses. I also installed the 5? square fence post type under the TT right next to the dump connection, and yes it was very handy.
Just finished one of these today, after cold weather would not let my sewer hose, 15′, compress enough to go in the bumper without pushing the end cap off. I did something similar, I installed a quick release bracket under the rear end of my toy hauler that holds the 4″ pipe. If you are not a member, please consider registering so you don't have to fill out this form each time you comment. CommentsApril 19, 2016 on Mod #82: Air Conditioner Hard Start Capacitor by Robert m taylor - Have s 2000 model Coleman pop-up w. April 4, 2016 on Mod #100: Honeywell Digital Thermostat by Jim Veillette - Thank you for posting pics and this write up. March 3, 2016 on Mod #54: Laminate Flooring by Dave Tompkins - We own a 2012 Flagstaff 5th wheel.
When they're built the right size to start with, you simply drill a few holes and (depending on your situation) bolt your new truck storage system directly to your existing service or utility body.

This full extension, locking drawer, measures 12 high by 48 wide by 60 inches long and has removable dividers for larger items. If the dimensions do not suit your requirements, simply email the dimensions you require and i'll gladly sort you a quote and make the box to your choosen style. High quality hinges are fitted as standard and with some products options to upgrade the hinge to a full length piano hinge.
Gas struts are available with most top loading boxes and are recommended but not 100% necessary. The Karmod Mobile Storage container has been a leader in secure portable storage container solutions since 1986. Karmod Mobile Storage container is changing the way people think about cargo storage units. The trailer offers plenty of storage space and can be towed by the 20 Passenger Crystal Limobus.
Most of these are only two to three feet long and are barely adequate enough to fit a six foot sewer hose. Valterra (see links below) makes a nice kit that easily mounts, using four screws, to most anywhere you have room on your RV. I pull a 23ft Weekend Warrior trailer and wanted to add the hose storage to the underside of my trailer.
But…if your trailer has an enclosed under belly, better make sure there is no tanks of any kind (Black, Grey, Water) because I mounted my hose storage container right across the frames and not knowing that the black water ABS tank was sitting right dead above it (did not removed the corrugated material ahead of time). I can remove the pipe from the bracket, this way it doubles as storage and rigid hose support those uneven places that it seams all RV camp spots have where the drain hose runs. The reason we use such heavy duty drawer slides is the pounding of rough roads may double or even triple the down force. A wide selection of cargo storage containers, shipping containers, trailers and portable offices for sale. While many schools and universities us modular offices as portable classrooms, they can also be used as offices, ticket booths, snack bars, security offices and administrative offices.
Most people typically think of storage units as small, overpriced spaces at self-storage facilities.
But over time, rust can build up inside the RV bumper, eventually causing it weaken and possibly crack.

Sometimes you’re farther away from the dump station inlet than six feet so you need a longer hose, preferably at least ten feet long. The end caps are a little different though in that they don’t screw on like the round tube carrier. Full extension drawer slides bring your tools all the way out with ratings to #500 pounds and over 50,000 cycles. We build truck bed storage drawers for our line of service bodies and truck tool boxes every day.
All offices are built to meet the latest technology specifications, so you will have all the functionality of your regular office. Now however, people are learning that on site storage containers are a great way to store products wherever you want, and at lower monthly rates.
The sewer hose can also become worn through after repeated insertion and removal from the bumper. Add screw cap adapters to each end of the tubing, attach a tether to the end of each cap and secure tether to the RV.
You will have to use some sort of hinge to attach the caps to the ends of the tube, so that you can simply pull on one side of the cap and it will swing out of the way. The last thing you need is a to spring a big leak when you are draining your black water tank, especially in front of the ten people in line behind you at the dump station. Attaching the tether to the RV, like to the flooring or frame, instead of the tubing prevents the sewer hose from catching on the screw when inserting or removing the hose. Optionally, you can attach a tether to the end cap, but the hinges should keep the cap from wandering off. Using a rivet instead of a screw for securing the tether to the tube will work if you can get your riveting tool to fit inside the tubing when using the compressing the rivet.
Finally tested the tank with a 4 night boondocking (in August with summer heat here in New Mexico) with washboard dirt roads and no LEAKS!

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