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The first thing you need to take into account when buying wood outdoor furniture is the location. Wicker – When it comes to outdoor furniture, this material is getting all the rage nowadays. Teak – While teak is considered as more costly than other types of wood for outdoor furniture, it still reigns as one of the most popular choices because of its characteristics such as being long lasting, weather-resistant and low maintenance.
Shorea – tight grained hardwood that holds up under rough treatment of weather and daily use.
After reading this guide for buying outdoor wood furniture, you are now ready to head on stores and select the best pieces that will beautify and complement your outdoor living space.
If your outdoor furniture is made of teak wood, you do not have to keep it in storage sometimes.
As we also know it, teak wood is made of natural sources and is completely renewable unlike plastics and VOCs.
Now, learning on the entire advantages, we cannot but fall in love to teak wood as material for our outdoor furniture.
If you have recently bought some new teak furniture for your patio or backyard (or if you’re thinking about buying teak furniture soon), you may be wondering which product you should use to preserve the look of your beautiful teak furniture. Teak is a tropical hardwood that grows in countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and India. The oil in the very outer layer of teak wood will begin to evaporate and oxidize after being exposed to the air and sunlight for a few weeks. When it is first applied, teak oil will give your teak furniture a lovely golden glow and shine. Your home’s interior extends to outdoor living spaces so it is important investing quality and style of patio and outdoor furniture. When decorating your space, make sure your patio and outdoor furniture appropriately scaled to the area where it will be used. If you plan on entertaining large guests for garden party or family reunion, prepare stackable plastic or metal chairs that can be stored in a small space.
Treating teak with oil depletes the wood’s natural oils, and the wood becomes dependent on a periodic external oil treatment. Treatment with teak sealer is only needed once a year in order to effectively protect teak wood from color fade.
Since teak sealer is more effective at preserving the color of teak wood, and it only requires a few hours of your time each year to apply, it is recommended over teak oil.
Most stains will not be a problem if you clean up spills quickly and wash your teak furniture with soapy water using a soft-bristled scrub brush.
As you can see, your teak patio furniture can last a lifetime with very little care on your part.
Clean the furniture to remove any dirt, mold, mildew or other contaminants from the deck surface (including sealer from previously treated wood). Allow four to eight hours for the waterproofer to dry, then sit down, relax and appreciate the job you did on your beautifully restored and protected outdoor furniture.
Semco Teak Sealer is the highest rated product available for maintaining the beautiful golden color of new teak wood. Semco Teak Sealer is a water-based formula containing UV and moisture protection, along with pigment to bring out the honey color of newly finished teak. Their sealer comes in a one gallon tin, which is enough to cover about 200 square feet of teak wood as a first coat. If your teak furniture is brand new, you’ll want to wait a few weeks before sealing it for the first time.
As you may know, teak wood contains natural oils that protect it from rain and the elements. But because there are a great number of wood types out there, it can be quite hard to select the best choice for your home. To help you find the pieces that are tailored exactly according to your requirements and necessities, here are some pointers that you could use. If the furniture will be likely exposed to outdoor elements like rain and sunlight, you might want to consider purchasing them with a certain type of protector like an overhead porch. Commonly woven from rattan, reed or willow, wicker is now widely used in making chairs, tables, sofas, and white wicker furniture. Not only are teak chairs and tables a beautiful addition to the patio or garden, but they are also an eco-friendly option for the environmentally aware homeowner. The natural character of this wood is already great so it will endure on hard situation and treatment.
If you have large teak wood table along with the chairs, and all people are sitting there eating and maybe treating it wrong, it will stay strong. You will enjoy looking at the natural lines on the wood and how the warm color make a perfect combination on your backyard.
You might be considering treating the furniture with teak oil or teak sealer, but you’re not sure which would be the best way to go.
You will notice that the rich honey-like color of new teak will begin to fade and become more a of a pale yellow. If you really want to, you can go ahead and use teak oil, but you’ll find that you need to reapply it every few months. Golden Care Teak Cleaner works really well at cleaning any residue from the wood and brightening it before applying a sealer. They are easy to decorate and make into comfort space for catching some natural light, having a quiet dinner or entertaining guests.

Large furniture groupings can dwarf small backyard some place large grouping in a spacious deck. However the extra moisture of the oil also creates the ideal environment for mildew to flourish. And if later you decide to let the furniture fade naturally, teak sealer treatments can simply be discontinued.
However, if you live in an area with a seasonal climate you may wish to bring your teak patio furniture indoors or cover it over the winter to prevent it from getting dirty.
It will go about twice as far on the second coat since you don’t need to apply it as thick as the first one.
Make sure to wash your furniture beforehand and allow it time to dry thoroughly before starting.
So it is not absolutely necessary to use any special treatment to preserve teak furniture structurally. But if you decide to treat your teak furniture with anything, you don’t want to mess around with inferior products. But with proper information and buying tips, you will surely feel satisfaction after buying your own set of outdoor wood furniture. To prevent rotting or mildew accumulation, you might want to let the ground dry before placing your newly-purchased furniture. During these cases, your furniture may need extra care or protection to prevent deterioration. In some cases, they are painted or stained with different colors; however, there are also furniture makers that manufacture them in their natural color. By getting the right furniture pieces, your family day will not include worries and stress anymore, but purely dining and relaxation. Because of its many benefits, teak wood continues to be among the best eco-friendly materials readily available for patio furniture.
It is not just about how nice to have a set of outdoor furniture in your backyard, but also how people enjoy the advantages of teak wood as their outdoor furniture material.
In order to answer this question, first it is important to understand what makes teak wood special. Eventually, if left alone, the color of teak furniture kept outdoors will fade away even more to leave a light, silvery gray. It makes a barrier to prevent the oxidation of the outer layer of wood, so that your teak furniture won’t turn gray. After cleaning, allow your furniture to dry completely, then a thin coat of sealer can be applied using a sponge or a hand-held pressure sprayer. Just make sure to give it a good cleaning with a teak cleaner on a regular basis so that the color fades evenly and dark patches don’t show up. It comes with a variety of finishes to help it when exposed to moisture and harsh weather as well as matching your patio style.
It is a water-based product that creates a barrier to prevent the natural oil from evaporating and oxidizing on the surface.
You can enjoy knowing that the teak dining set you buy today will be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren in the future.
Follow the directions on the tin carefully, but essentially what you’ll want to do is apply two coats on the same day with about an hour between applications.
However, teak wood will naturally change color to a gray patina over time if left untreated. You can find a good price on Semco Teak Sealer at Amazon, which also makes delivery to your door easy. Benefits Of Teak Patio FurnitureBenefits of Using Teak Outdoor FurnitureOutdoor furniture that has a good durability are essential factors to beautify your home. Then you need to know exactly what teak oil and teak sealer are, along with the benefits and limitations of each. Mature teak wood is full of its own natural oil which protects the wood from damage by water, fungus, rot, insects, and changes in temperature.
Instead, teak oil is actually made from either linseed oil or tung oil with some varnish and thinners mixed in. Even worse, the solvents in teak oil can cause the natural oils found in teak wood to break down and deplete more rapidly than they would if you did nothing. Teak sealer only needs to be reapplied about once a year, so this is one large advantage it has over teak oil. For those who really want their teak furniture to have a golden color, teak sealer is probably the best option.
Patio furniture comes in many styles from rustic to contemporary including cushions with vivid to subdued colors. This means teak furniture can be left outside and endure years of rain, wind, heat, and cold.
It is recommended to use a specially formulated teak cleaner such as Golden Care Teak Cleaner, which will clean and brighten the wood at the same time. If the stain is really set in pretty well, then another method to remove it is to sand the surface of the wood.
The preferred application method is with a spray bottle in order to get an even coat with little effort. When word spread about how effective it was in protecting teak on marine vessels from the harsh conditions at sea, people started using it for outdoor furniture as well. As a cosmetic color change, the graying of the wood does not affect the strength or stability of teak furniture.

After this you’ll be able to make an informed decision on how to care for your new teak patio furniture so that it lasts for a lifetime.
If you are one of those people, then you don’t need to use any teak oil or sealer on your furniture. It is because the oil evaporates and leaves the wood dry again, sometimes even more dry than before. Another problem with teak oil is that it gives some types of fungus an ideal environment to grow in. Semco Teak Sealer is a highly recommended water-based sealer to use, and it comes in both clear and tinted varieties. This will dry in a couple of hours, and you’ll be able to use your teak furniture the next day. It provides long lasting protection from UV damage and oxidation that affects the color of teak wood. Choose cedar and teak for patio and outdoor furniture as they are naturally rot and insects-proof. There are some recommended products that you can use to treat the wood in order for it to keep a beautiful color long after you buy it.
When freshly applied, teak oil will give the wood a nice attractive glow, but this will be short-lived. Light stains will only need a light sanding, while deeper stains might require you to start with a coarser sandpaper followed by a finer grain sandpaper to leave a smooth finish.
If you leave your teak furniture outside over the winter, be sure to give it a good cleaning in the spring before using it for the first time. This is an easy to apply teak sealer that you’ll want to reapply once a year to maintain the new appearance of your outdoor teak furniture. Simply give your furniture a good thorough cleaning at least once a year with a teak cleaner, and you’re set. Many people complain that black spots appear on oiled teak furniture, and this is the reason why. Iron is the heaviest and strongest of all metal pieces but it require comfort cushions for seating. But if you apply the wrong type of product, it can actually be harmful to teak wood in the long run. Teak wood has a golden honey color when new, but after time it naturally fades into a light gray patina. Before long, the teak oil on the surface will dry out and your furniture will quickly fade in color again. After cleaning, pat the wood dry with a towel and let the sun dry up any remaining moisture. It only needs to be applied once a year to be effective, and it won’t remove the natural oil from teak wood. Teak patio furniture has the basic ingredients of a powerful and sturdy so that they can survive more than what you imagine.
Regular cleaning will help prevent dirt from building up or moss from growing on the exterior of your furniture.
The natural oil that is already found within the wood is good enough to protect it from pests and the weather.
You will have to keep reapplying oil every few months to keep ahead of the graying process. If you intend to follow cleaning with the application of teak sealer, make sure that you’ve given the wood apple time to completely dry beforehand. Some sealers contain a tint which will return your furniture to the honey color it had when you first bought it.
But if you prefer the golden color there are a couple things you can do to slow down the aging process. If you are unlucky, the teak oil stuck to the surface will encourage fungus growth and leave tiny black spots on the wood.
This is the best investment at this time, because teak patio furniture can add value to your home sale.Excellent DurabilityTeak wood comes from real mature teak tree.
The natural character of this wood has already been great so it will endure on hard situation and treatment. Place heavy things on top of it, as well as your teak wood table will be just fine.Easy CleaningWith recent finishing, it is simple enough to clean it.
Stain will need more treatment using sodium bicarbonate and warm water and that will be all.Beautiful LookingThe natural color and texture is already so great.
You will enjoy exploring the natural lines on the wood and just how the warm color make a perfect combination in your backyard. Reliable StrengthBeing very strong, it will serve well whenever you invite many people at once. Let it rest there, and you can use it anytime you need to.Eco FriendlyAs we also realize it, teak wood is made of natural sources and it is completely renewable unlike plastics and VOCs.

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