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Most people are familiar with Tuff Shed’s storage sheds and garages, but now the 30-year-old company is designing and manufacturing structures that could be used as tiny homes. The Premier PRO Weekender Ranch can be finished on the interior by the customer to create a more liveable space.
Standard options for the structures include additional windows, skylights, vents, anchors and tie downs and custom siding. I like very much if you sent me the tiny houses beautiful model but I am still choosing which one the best for me to made like yr model, thanks so much for yr sending me in regularly.
If I had it to do over again, I would build from scratch, using a shed roof style like these. The bonus is that in the summer, although the bedroom gets much hotter during the day, it also cools down faster at night then the owner-built (by the original owner) main house which stays warmer at night, partly because of the thermal mass of the stucco perhaps.
Since I like cold-temperature sleeping (around 50 F), I’m fine with the Tuff shed, expect in the winter I sleep in the main house, because the Tuff shed just costs extra to heat and gets much colder. As a kid growing up, I dreamed of one day owning my own hunter's cabin deep in the backwoods. Spurred on by tales of a North Woods deer and duck hunting retreat owned by Gordon MacQuarrie, the legendary Wisconsin outdoors scribe who penned the stories of The Old Duck Hunters' Association, Inc. Nothing big and elaborate, mind you, just a quiet and rustic place like Mac's beloved cabin that would allow me to get away from it all, hunt ducks and deer to my heart's content, and provide a chance to poke the fire without being interrupted by phone calls, e-mails and deadlines. That dream continued unchecked as I grew from being a boy into a man, at least until the realities of a modern economy, not to mention the financial pressures of raising a family pushed my cabin owning aspirations to the back burner. But in recent years, as my two teenage sons and I have chased Texas whitetails and waterfowl together, that dream has resurfaced, usually during the middle of a dark night in cramped confines after a lengthy drive into the brush. Go to sleep, I would tell myself, groggily remembering that I couldn't yet afford to make my cabin dream a reality. Until now, that is, thanks to the amazingly affordable, yet super high quality option that I recently discovered thanks to the fine folks at Tuff Shed, Inc.

Based in Denver since opening shop in 1981, Tuff Shed now has 42 local factories scattered across the country. That even includes a forty-something outdoor writer who still dreams of a spot to get away from it all, something that the PRO Weekender Ranch offers at a price that will not wreck my mortgage, the kid's college education or the ever-present dog food and vet bills for the Labs. When I visited the Tuff Shed location in south Dallas a few days ago to see if the PRO Weekender model might meet my needs, sales design consultant Mike Ryan told me that he thought the unit would be a perfect fit for anyone seeking a backwoods get-away. With several models ranging in size from 8'x14'x10'7" to 16'x24'x12'3" and in base prices from $4,329 to $9,209, the PRO Weekender offers a variety of customizable options along with standard features. Ryan indicated that unlike with the larger, more elaborate cabin shell models Tuff Shed builds, prospective buyers don't have to worry about having a foundation poured for the PRO Weekender. Meaning that a Texas deer and duck hunter like yours truly still has time to purchase a PRO Weekender and have it delivered and built in plenty of time before the start of the 2014-15 hunting seasons.
Now if only I can get my better half – wife and family CFO – to agree that my cabin dreams might be well on their way to finally coming true! Tuff Shed’s speciality structures come in a Modern style and a Weekender style and each of them feature several different sizes (including custom sizes) and options. The Tuff Shed website also includes an interactive chart for choosing your shingle and siding colors. The skylight cracked, and 10 shingles blew off the north facing steep side of the roof within a few years, probably because they never got enough heat for the glue tabs to secure them.
Although I like the gambrel roof and high ceiling on the interior, drywall is not easy to do holding the pieces at an angle up on a ladder.
They provide details plans with these he said can be supplemented with foundation, plumbing and electrical that we *think* can be permitted as a home building plans in Florida. The older one is 14 years old with no need, yet, to repaint, no sag to the door and just as we purchased. The company is now one of the nation's leaders for those needing a storage shed, garage, small cabin or recreational building for either residential or commercial purposes.

On the tall front wall, high-end, low-e transom windows and a tempered, full glass residential style door are included.
Each Tuff Shed product is pre-fabricated in a climate controlled environment, and once all the pieces are constructed, they are packaged and delivered to your site where the structure is installed, usually within one day.
I do like Tuff Shed’s residential door option, which we did not get in our Handi-House (may have been an option but we took something in stock that met all of our needs, otherwise). Because the bedroom Tuff shed addition is R11, with no floor insulation except a thin rubber sheet above the OSB on the floor and below the Pergo, the room is freezing in the winter, and I don’t sleep there. I’ll forward your information on to a local representative that help you put a quote together.
And since it's not on a slab, that makes it a movable building." Then there are the amazing warranties. And then you add in another five or six grand for a slab and (the costs of a cabin shell can go up quickly). Ryan says that the PRO Weekender has a 10-year warranty on the building itself, a lifetime warranty on the Owens Corning shingles, a 40-year rating on the galvanized steel foundation, and a 50-year warranty on the treated "LP SmartSide Siding and Trim." In my book, that kind of backing adds a tremendous value at a fraction of the cost that more traditional cabins bring. The Tuff Shed garage came out relatively well with some melting of shingles, some melting of the garage door, and some minor siding damage.
The insurance adjuster commented multiple times to the customer that the Tuff Shed was very well built, and he specifically told her to go directly to Tuff Shed for the repairs. So the customer was extremely happy with their building and asked us to give her a quote on doing repairs.

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