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Ever wanted to turn your backyard barn or shed into a livable tiny house for guests or for yourself? One of our awesome readers, Jean, sent me photos and information on how she converted this barn into a little home.
At approximately 288 square feet, it’s not incredibly tiny, but you can take the same concepts and apply it to an even smaller structure. She added a tin ceiling inside after insulating and installed a beam down the center where Jean also installed a ceiling fan.
In the bathroom (see below) you can use a combination of tin and wood to keep material costs low.
She installed hand-made tongue and groove wood flooring, sanded the walls, stained everything, and polished. Jean used an old log to create lots of what you see inside, added a carpeted sleeping loft upstairs, and insulated the entire thing.
The antique bar stools were a good choice and Jean used an old log to create the bar (see above).
I have long been fascinated by this idea and even wrote a post about converting sheds into tiny houses back in February of 2011. I think the dark adds a bit of continuity with the exposed framing.it kind of dresses up the framing lumber a bit. How did you keep condensation from building up under the insulation on the roof on the inside? Any info on best way to accomplish the task of putting siding outside and putting a stronger roof on, and insulating the interior.
Does anyone have any ideas he can use to add siding and a roof over his corrugated metal storage building? You could put up a free standing roof that is attached to posts of either concrete, wood, or bamboo. Around my house, summertime means extra socializing, which can also mean extra entertaining.
In order to turn your shed into a pool house, you’ll need to make your shed a comfortable place to change and ready oneself for swimming.
For older children, turning your shed into a game room may be just the ticket you need to keep your kids happy all summer.
To make the most of the space in this shed, the owners went vertical, building a loft above the kitchen area that fits a bed. When guests visit for the holiday, many families like to stay nearby, but sometimes a little closeness can be overwhelming during the holidays.

Get started turning your backyard shed into a guest house by prioritizing your guests needs and what you can afford to do. These days, with laptops and charging stations, your guests are sure to want a place to plug in. Plumbing and insulation up next as bonuses, but depending on climate, insulation may not be a necessity. If you are planning on installing a toilet or sink, make sure you plan this out carefully, depending on sleeping arrangements and food storage.
Once you’ve done all the basics, make sure that you make your guest house feel warm and inviting. Put in the bed or beds and if you have room, put a small couch or some soft chairs and maybe a lamp or two, in the living space.
Looking for toilet info for use in a shed with electric and no plumbing or sewer, possibly chemical, incinerating or mobile home type. Existing shed room for 3 cars inside on 1st floor, and has 3 separate rooms with windows and heat I believe on second floor and also stairs. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. I really love the use of galvy roofing metal for wall coverings it looks good,hangs quick and is definitely built to last!
Turning your shed into a backyard entertainment bar will make you the hit of the neighborhood! Converting your shed into a fun area for entertaining is a great use for your backyard space. The snug space includes a living room, kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom, all flooded with natural light thanks to picture windows and sliding glass doors. Do you want to make up the shed with just a bed and some warmth so people will have a place to sleep?
It’s a pretty basic necessity for most people in the evening, unless you happen to have a family who loves to camp or has natural night vision.
Make sure you install enough electrical outlets for the amount of guests you’ll typically have in the guest house. It can be easy to set up a small refrigerator– or a large one, for extra use for yourself. While we do offer a variety of decorative and functional accessories, we do not offer plumbing services. No plumbing or sewer, also 20 feet from a public field owned by town for sporting events so outdoor chemical toilet with liquid chemicals would produce too much odor for regular use, possible incinerating toilet, powdered chemical toilet, or other toilet not permanently installed to avoid a permit.

We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. I would have use lighter colors within though, just me, darker ones visually make a place feel smaller. I would like to put some type of siding around the outside of the building and put a standard roof over the thin corrugated metal which has already been punctured by falling limbs. I pressure-washed it and painted it forest green, trimmed out the doors and windows with white.
But in the summer, staying indoors isn’t always an option, especially if you have children. Also, add some lounge chairs just outside the door for folks who may not be quite ready to hit the pool. Having a shed equipped with a dartboard, a television or computer hooked up to video games, a Foosball table, pool table and a basketball hoop on the outside can be a great way to let your kids entertain, but keep them safe and under proper supervision. Shed Decor (Lark Crafts, $25), Coulthard's new book, features hundreds of ideas that will help you turn a garden shed into a well-appointed retreat. You can use something as simple as a portable toilet or something a little more stable like a pre-fab toilet for a motor home.
Adding a microwave or a hotplate might be helpful to your guests, depending on how long they are staying. We can certainly provide you with a shed, but making those kind of customizations would void the warranty. Even if you don’t have kids though, people like to mingle in and out of doors in the summer. If this all sounds too expensive, check out your local Craigslist for good deals on these items.
That would give you about $39,500 left to spend on plumbing, insulation and anything else your heart desires to make it a living space. Instead of spending your whole summer keeping the bugs at bay in your home, here are some unique ways you can use your shed to entertain guests in your backyard. We can install your building as well, so you would only have to worry about customizing it to make it your own. You’ll also need a storage area for pool toys, loungers, pool noodles, and other pool amenities.

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