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Constructed of cedar wood, the Ultimate Bluebird House has brass hardware and zinc-chromate screws.
Lazy Hill Farms Designs began with the goal to create uniquely crafted products that would reflect a homeownera€™s particular style and personality and today the company does just that. THE ULTIMATE BLUEBIRD HOUSE - Recycled Material - Bird's Choice : CreekTreeUSA, Glass Hummingbird Feeders, Tuned Wind Chimes, Fire Pots! The Bird's Choice recycled ultimate bluebird house is the most deluxe functional bird-friendly bluebird House on the market today. The The Ultimate Purple Martin 24 Room Bird House is designed for the serious Purple Martin landlord.

It has Plexiglas partitions on either side for easy viewing and will be an excellent educational tool to teach your kids about nesting and birds. Behind the VIEW door is a clear plexy panel that holds the nest secure, while you view the eggs or babies in the house.
Vinyl material preserves the beauty of the birdhouse, defending against splitting, fading, or peeling. Copper tops and accents glimmer in the sun, attracting birds and weathering to a beautiful patina in time.
If blowflys get into the nest, they will drop to the floor of the bird house and not be able to get back to the nest.

Bird house is constructed using solid cellular vinyl, resulting in a finish that looks like wood but endures with the strength of vinyl.

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ultimate bird house plans

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