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I am not really clear of the purpose of this clean-out; to access the p-trap or drain below? Unless you live in a huge house with lots and lots of closets, chances are storage is an issue. Here are a few under-sink shelves and racks designed to work around clunky drain pipes and the like. This under-sink caddy is designed to hold your cleaning supplies, and you can even roll it out and detach the caddy to carry it with you when it’s time to scrub floors. My sink was clogged up (It gets clogged every 4 or 5 years) and I took all the PVC pipes apart under the sink and cleaned them out good.
January 21, 2014 by howtonestforless 26 Comments Yep, it’s that dreaded space under your kitchen sink. So I headed to my local discount store (Deals) and purchased these items for $9: two school locker shelves, a 3-pack of white bins, and a large blue plastic basket. On the right side of the cabinet I have all of my dish cleaners… dish soap, brushes, detergent, extra sponges. Having the under-the-sink area organized it’s great, mainly because it helps me to see what I actually have and what I need to buy. When it comes to my storage under the sink, it looked similar to yours, but I’ve decided to rather take 15 minutes of my time and to organize it properly. Hello, haivng been a mom of 4 and grandma of 5 no cleaning supplies or food that could be harmful should ever be lowere than the top shelf.

Cleanouts are installed where they are needed and MUST BE accessible to the person cleaning the line. It features solid metal piping and twenty plastic shelves that can slide around for a custom configuration. The system features commercial chrome-steel construction with industrial-grade ball-bearing slides, so it should last for years.
If you’ve ever called a plumber for a simple leak in your kitchen, you know how expensive it can be. Ya know, that place where you store all of your cleaning supplies and have to dig to find what you’re looking for.
On the left I have all of my trash bags down below (yes, all 3 boxes) and my floor cleaning supplies above. This is what I can take around the house with all of my go-to cleaners: dusting supplies, Windex, paper towels, Clorox wipes, a Magic Eraser, clean rags, etc. Rather than running back and forth, just carry all of my supplies with me in a small basket. Please refrain from asking where to purchase a product, business, pricing, or legal questions, for contractor referrals, or any questions not related to plumbing. The distance above the floor or trap is immaterial as long as it can be easily accessed, which might not be the case in the basement between the joists. If the union nut cracks and you cannot find another one exactly like it, you will know why I do not use them.

If it was cleaner I probably would have realized I have enough trash bags to last me until 2015. One is filled with air fresheners and extra handsoap, the other is for extra Magic Erasers, rags, etc. I think I need to revisit and have a sort out because mine sure doesn’t look like yours! I know I would not be happy if I had to use a cleanout which was located 8' above the floor.
If you’re not ready to get rid of everything, you could try adding storage to your home by making better use of space you already have, such as the cabinets beneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks.
As time passes, and life is busy I have a really bad habit of bunging things on top of the base layer of organisation.
Dish soap, cleanser, fast cleaners get top shelf along with cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leafs those are all poisonous if too much ingested.

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under kitchen sink storage racks

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