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If you’re someone who has learned how to make a LOT of money buying at auction, and paying pennies on the dollar - you’re at the right place! Self Storage Units - Self Storage Units covers several topics you need to know when it comes to protect your personal or business belongings, check different types of units, self storage for rent, for sale, Associations, even auctions.
Self Storage Auctions are auctions offer by the self storage companies over the items of a tenant who fails to pay them montlhy rent.

If the customer fails to pay the rent, a lien is placed on the customer's goods and they are sold at auction. A self storage auction is a great opportunity to get some valuable items at dirt cheap prices.
The customer is still responsible for any rent and fees due if the auction does not clear their balance.

Click on the current or upcoming month to see the latest auctions scheduled and listed by this site.

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upcoming storage auctions in hawaii

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