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Furniture QC China (FQCC) is an independent and highly experienced QC team in China's furniture field.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. High Quality Upholstered Furniture, Patches OttomanDimensions IN: H19 W51 D26Bernadette Livingston Furniture has made it easy for anyone to decorate their home with professionally designed unique furniture of the highest quality. We provide furniture inspection and quality control service, sourcing service, sample development service, factory audit service, etc. Nowadays factories may make a lot of promises to customers at the beginning in order to get orders, but many of them could not keep their words in the end, which will result in serious after-sale problems. All of our leather & upholstered furniture is made by family owned & operated businesses in the USA!2.

We could find quality problem in the production at the very first place and require factories to fix it immediately. And we could always help customer to find backup suppliers so that customers don't have to rely on one factory too much, which will definitely benefit customer's interest.Regarding our QC services, we carry out pre-production inspection, in-process inspection and pre-shipment inspections to assure our customers receive high quality furniture and avoid unexpected supplier delay or doubtful delivery without notification. We'll work very closely with the factory on sample development according to customer's specific requirements to make sure samples are completed on time and made correctly. As for the production, we will start checking from the very beginning material preparation to check the quality of raw material, moisture content, etc. We'll also supervise all following production procedures, such as machining, assembling, finishing, packaging, etc.
Regarding finished products, we carry out 100% checking (not random checking) to ensure high quality.

Customers can view our QC reports and production update to get to know the progress of production and the quality status of products.We're familiar with a lot of good furniture plants located in both China. We could help to find the most suitable plants for you according to your specific requirements on products.We know the new product development could be a very long, tiring and expensive process. We could work closely with the manufacturers here to push them to finish samples ASAP and correctly according to customer's specific requirements.

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upholstered furniture quality ratings

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