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Modern Shed 8'x10' bright, fully finished interior with french doors, windows and wired for electricity - great for studio or office! Located in La Petite-Patrie, this renovated condominium offers 3 bedrooms, including a huge master bedroom with access to the bathroom.
The large modern kitchen (2013) has an 8 feet quartz island, lots of storage and a no touch faucet. A finished area of the basement (less than 6 feet high) is currently used as a guest room and office. The only place for Porsche, 911uk is the definitive enthusiast and resource site for the Porsche 911. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free, so join up today for full access to the site and benefit from latest member offers.
Wife has me in a dilemma, setting parameters which threaten the buying of our first Porsche and hence her position as my current spouse.
993 in guards was a rare beasty as many felt that the 993 shape didnt lend itself to that colour.

Note, though, how Rover 75 owners still show an unfortunate tendency towards (light) metallic green, and met 'claret' and suchlike.
I came very close to buying a solid colour 993 - Riviera Blue, I thought it looked quite special and also decided that colour was not important, mechanics, build etc were more so. Not that I'm knocking the 997, it's still a stunning car, but I suddenly saw why people mourn the loss of the 911 shape after the 993.
Yeah, I have quite a collection already, but I want to try and scale down the number of products.
The fabsil is for the softop and the polishing and finishing pads are to try and correct the paint which looks like its been washed with a scouring pad..
CarreraMonkey wrote: Yeah, I have quite a collection already, but I want to try and scale down the number of products.
It's cut down my detailing time by days over the year & pretty much made my other products redundant! Clanky wrote: +1 for both products, although having treated three cars with Gyeon MOHs Q2 this time last year, I have to say it may be expensive, but worth every penny!

To be honest, I'd have bought the blackfire midnight sun wax as well, but they don't do it in panel pots and, if the stories about these hybrid waxes are true, a little goes a long way.
So I'm going to try out the Blackfire wet diamond program and stick some Supernatural hybrid over the top of it on the new car. Part of it may be the difference in camera angle, but the 997 looks a lot 'heavier' over the back end to my eyes - maybe it's the increasingly long overhang?
Trying to cut down car cleaning time is important, whilst having a bling paint job is as well. I believe it could be rented out for $450-500 month if it was owned by you and lived in by a tenant. New flooring, fresh paint, big deck with a beautiful garden and lots of yard space and shed.

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used shed for sale montreal canada

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