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It needs a fair amount of work to the body, the sills are full of bog, the door bottoms are rusted out, otherwise it is very complete, right down to the radiator blind, and in some respects hasn't seen a lot of sun. It looks to be complete and is correctly priced at $2500, I dare some South Australian to take it on, I dare you..
A non-Renault person told us about a weird Renolt earlier in the week at U-Pull-It, I was closeish earlier on today and decided to have a look.

The clock was still ticking, as well as functioning, and the bulb in the light with the broken front blinker was one of the original frosted globes. Judging by the visible rust it would be reasonable to assume the existence of some structural rust as well, but still quite repairable. It turns out that it is the one that was at Rainsford's Collectable Clunkers earlier on this year, and previously discussed on AF's.

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used sheds for sale perth wa quotes

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