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On a cold and windy afternoon, this past Sunday, Beckie and I set out on one of our biggest gardening adventures so far.One display that apparently caught everyone's eye (also seen on Beckie's and Mr. Get your lawn and garden ready now for a beautiful summer color.Add fragrance to a garden with annuals like nicotiana (flowering tobacco), nemesia, ageratum, dianthus (pinks), four O’clocks and sweet pea. If you want to grow organic vegetables for your family, you should take into account building a raised garden bed, as it will save you from significant wok. This project doesn’t require much knowledge in the field nor complex woodworking techniques.
If you want to keep the weeds away from your plans and to save yourself from a lot of work, we strongly recommend you to install landscaping fabric on the inside of the raised garden bed. Attaching the trims on top of the garden bed is not compulsory, but it has several advantages. PRO TIP: After getting the job done, there are still a few finishing touches you have to take care of. Vegetable Gardening Plans & Designs for an Indoor or Outdoor Garden Vegetable gardening tips, planting times, designs, plans, and videos for an indoor, outdoor, container, raised bed, potted, or vertical garden.

Family-Style Backyard Garden Design - Better Homes and Gardens Online Family-Style Backyard Garden Design This landscape plan was designed to address the needs of an active family with children.
Whether it is a vegetable garden or a nicely landscaped flower garden, it can be almost like a piece of art work offer a wonderful way to blend your creativity with the dynamic canvas of nature. So, hope you don't mind if your comment queued for moderation if it's your first time on this blog. A raised garden is a great way to create a beautiful, convenient, and easy to use vegetable garden. This short video shows many different styles of raised vegetable garden beds that are easy to plan and build.Choose wood, cement blocks, posts, or composite materials to build the frame for your raised bed vegetable garden. It is best to put your time and effort into vegetables that you and your family really enjoy eating.
Just don’t forget to adjust the size of the of the raised bed to your needs and to install landscaping fabric on the inside, otherwise you will face constant issues with various weeds. Nevertheless, you need to use proper materials, if you want to build a durable raised bed for your garden. On one hand, the trims will enhance the look of your woodworking project, but on the other hand, it will also give you a support to sit on, when planting and taking care of your vegetables. Secure the trims to the frame with 3” wood screws, making sure you countersink their heads.

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They had fun helping, and got to learn first-hand how to build and plant a raised bed garden! Therefore, choose cedar slats and posts, as the components are weather-resistant and also come with a beautiful natural finish. Cut the slats at the right size and attach them to the corner posts using  3” wood screws, after drilling pilot holes.
If you want to provide extra support to your construction, we recommend you to fit 4×4 posts to the middle of the raised bed, on both sides.

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vegetable garden plans for zone 6

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