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If you are planning for a revamping of your home and things like intricacy detailing and richness of tradition comes primarily in your mind, then Victorian furniture are the best choices for your interiors.
This range of furniture took birth in the erstwhile England when Queen Victoria was reigning. The characteristic appeal of this variety of Victorian furniture was its oaken infrastructure and bold, embossed carvings. Victorian furniture had certain characteristics that secluded them from the rest of the lot. As we have already remarked, rosewood and Mahogany shared the major part of Victorian furniture, with some oak wood makes too. Thus, Victorian Furniture has a rich history behind it as parallel to its period marking name. When looking to buy Victorian furniture or antiques to decorate your home, keep in mind  that the majority of furniture manufactured in this country during the revivals that make up the Victorian period was mass-produced.
Here are three suggestions to help you discern the extra touches that set the best American Victorian furniture apart from the rest. In his post on how to buy American Antique Furniture, Stephen Fletcher suggested five guidelines to help young collectors acquire affordable antique furnishings. American Renaissance Revival Gilt Bronze Mounted Rosewood, Marquetry and Marble Inset Center Table, third quarter 19th century, attributed to Pottier & Stymus, New York City.
This entry was posted in Blog and tagged American Victorian furniture, Americana, buy Victorian furniture, Collecting Tips, Herter Brothers, History of Art & Antiques, how to buy Victorian furniture, John Henry Belter, Kerry Shrives, Kimbel and Cabus, Merklen, victorian antiques, Victorian furniture guide by Kerry Shrives. While on one hand, some exclusive designer stuffs flooded the market, on the other hand, some big manufactures also came up with their unique versions. This style of Victorian furniture was marked by the presence of spires, arches and trefoils.

It was marked by the predominance of inlaid panels, masculine arches, gilt incising, burl panels and motifs depicting features of human and animal. The lines were curved and angular and carvings found all over the surface of the same depicted natural images, such as leaves, floral patterns, roundish masculine and feminine motifs and faces of humans and animals. So, things you will always find in Victorian species as additional embellishments are ornate silk tassels, embossed effects in the cushions and pillows, quilt detailing and layer formations with expensive materials.
Hence, the pillows and cushions present in the same were made from rich satin, expensive silk or textured fabrics, such as silk Velvet, so that visual and material comfort could be equally enjoyed by the user. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. New York City housed the biggest powerhouses of design and manufacture in latter part of the 19th century, including Herter Brothers and Pottier & Stymus, but Boston had plenty of purchasing power, and museums and collections are plentiful here.
Familiarize yourself with the techniques and materials used, and you’ll know when you see something worthy of a second look. Keep an eye out for more expensive and sometimes exotic woods, such as rosewood, intricate inlay, porcelain plaques or roundels, and well-cast and detailed bronze mounts or embellishments. A consignor brought in a side cabinet years ago upside down in the bed of his pick-up truck. John Henry Belter is one of the better-known names associated with high-style American Victorian furniture. Detailing and texture were the two prime essentials of Victorian furniture as the makers emphasized on aesthetics a lot. Local woods were the material of choice for the most common Victorian furniture, and these examples often feature shallow chip carving and flimsy metal embellishment. Familiarize yourself with the appearance of the best examples, then you’ll be able to recognize one when you see it.

Condition issues such as these may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s something you should be aware of going into the purchase. Furniture was often mass-produced and the decorative elements easy to reproduce based on known examples.
If you look carefully at a Victorian chair or a table you will find that the overall shape is straight. So, furniture which does not have these detailing is a prototype and not at all real specie. Can you let me know if you have a good source for identifying who made specific pieces of Victorian furniture? But, they were very expensive, rarely made and remained as the sole property of the utterly moneyed class. But, the back rest, feet or the ornamental bottom part of the same, just underneath the cushion, have characteristic curvy detailing. In fact, the Herter Brothers rosewood and inlaid side cabinet had spent  decades with its feet protruding in the air because the gallery was missing and the eight ring-turned legs looked fine as is.
However, plain, neutral backgrounds were also incorporated for a few of the Victorian furniture.
But elaborate floral patterns in bright primary tones were a must in them, so that visual curiosity remained intact.

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victorian furniture woodworking plans

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