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During the mid-nineteenth century, people began to flock to East Coast beaches, especially in New York and New Jersey. July 8, 2014 By Julie J Leave a Comment Here is a Victorian girl and a Victorian boy at the beach. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Julie is a vintage enthusiast and a Photoshop addict who loves to take pictures, scrapbook and cook.She collects old books and new recipes.

Beautiful hotels, elegant restaurants, and convenient transportation transformed these beaches into some of America’s favorite places to play. The children are dressed in outfits “particularly well adapted for seashore wear” for the summer of 1900. Massive hotels as well as smaller rooming houses began to spring up all over the ocean side towns. The first commercial hotel in Atlantic City, the Belloe House, located at Massachusetts and Atlantic Ave., was built in 1853.

At most ocean resorts, wood bathing houses dotted the beaches so the modest Victorian woman could spend the day at the beach in the privacy of a cabana-like house on wheels.

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victorian summer houses uk

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