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Want to move your car back into the garage, but have too much stuff in the way, Take a look at the BMS7790 shed, constructed out of durable double-wall resin which is sure to last. I would need to pick this up from store but am concerned that the box might be too big for my pickup truck.
One box slid into my 2013 dodge grand caravan very tight took some elbow grease to get it out, the second box was too wide so I got rid of the box and slide the contents into the back on top of the first box. Not sure about the exact dimensions, but it was 2 boxes and fit in the back of my buddies Tacoma.
Lifetime outdoor storage sheds are double wall-steel reinforced and built with the finest polyethylene parts. Note: This model is not compatible with any of our Shed Expansion Kits or our Snow Load Kit.
The metal truss and ridge beam provide roof support, while the reinforced floor is designed for lawn tractor support. Nothing on the website gives a clear set of dimensions that the PACKAGING takes up, just the size of the assembled shed.

I received mine via the HD shipping company and it came in two separate boxes, wrapped together, and mounted on a palate.
All exposed steel parts and trusses are powder coated and they only use high impact polyethylene. Keep tools and automotive supplies handy, safe, and secure in this highly durable, low maintenance Lifetime shed. Through exhaustive consumer research and studies of the competition, Lifetime discovered that all vinyl sheds have a few great features, but significant weaknesses. Polyethylene has superior strength and durability and it won't degrade outdoors as well as they won't crack, dent or mildew. Constructed from UV-protected, high-density, double-walled polyethylene plastic with steel reinforcements. Not including the installation of the foundation, you can expect assembly of the shed itself to take 2 adults up to 6 hours. We eliminated all of those weaknesses and combined the best features into one complete package.

They make great Tool Sheds, Garden Storage Sheds, and just Great Outdoor Vinyl Storage Sheds.
Backed by a 10 year warranty, Lifetime sheds are without a doubt, the BEST OUTDOOR VINYL STORAGE SHEDS made today. Steeply pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow, and the shorter roof span allows a greater snow load capacity than our larger sheds.
Keep your tools and automotive supplies organized and located right where you need them---in the driveway.

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vinyl outdoor storage shed 5 x 4.5 by rubbermaid

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