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It's the economical choice, designed with your budget in mind! The Madison Series includes Lifetime shingles, 3'' overhang with aluminum drip edge, aluminum corner trim, two end vents, and a keyed door handle. The Madison Series is only available in sizes from 6x6 to 10x14. Larger structures require our standard Heavy Duty construction (scroll down for more). The Madison Peak's 6-foot wall height allows room for wall hanging space or to install shelving.
Peak heavy duty side entry sheds include one double door and two windows (choice of size with shutters). 6-feet wide buildings include one 36” entry door and one window with shutters. Shown with light gray Smart Side siding, white trim, oyster gray lifetime shingle roof, and 18"x36" windows. Shown with Navajo white Smart Side siding, avocado trim, weatherwood lifetime shingle roof, and 24"x36" windows.
Shown with bucksin Smart Side siding, beige trim, avacado shutters, shakewood lifetime shingle roof, and 18''x36'' windows. Shown with beige Smart Side siding, buckskin trim doors, avocado shutters, and shakewood lifetime shingle roof. Shown with buckskin Smart Side siding, white trim, burgundy shutters and  doors, and charcoal lifetime shingle roof.
Shown with light grey Smart Side siding, white trim and doors, black shutters, and charcoal lifetime shingle roof.
Shown with classic sand vinyl siding, clay trim, red shutters, shakewood lifetime shingle roof. Shown with clay vinyl siding, sand trim and shutters, weatherwood lifetime shingle roof, and 18"x36" windows. Shown with Harbor Stone lifetime vinyl siding, white trim and shutters, and charcoal lifetime shingle roof.
Options included: Shingle-over ridgevent, diamond tread plate, and shingle-over ridge vent. Shown with sand vinyl siding, clay trim, red shutters, shakewood lifetime shingle roof, and 24"x36" windows.
Peak heavy duty front entry sheds include one double door and one window (choice of size with shutters). Shown with buckskin Smart Side siding, red trim, weatherwood lifetime shingle roof, and 18"x36" window. Shown with light gray Smart Side siding, dark gray trim, fox hollow gray lifetime shingle roof, and 24"x36" window.
Shown with sand vinyl siding, clay trim & doors, weatherwood lifetime shingle roof, and 18"x36" window. Shown with clay vinyl siding, white trim, red shutters, and weatherwood lifetime shingle roof.

The 12 x 20 Organizer Package includes over 300 square feet of shelving and lofts. Available in any siding type! If You Can Dream It, WE CAN BUILD IT! Any buildings in this brochure can be modified or customized to accommodate your needs. Ask about shelving, lofts, electrical, metal roofing, venting, extra doors, windows, ramps, porches, cupolas, flower boxes, and much more! All Heavy Duty standard building include our 6-YEAR Top-to-Bottom Warranty! See why Pine Creek Structures is different below.
Sheds delivered fully finished, ready to use, to YOUR specifications and color choices! Discover the Value! All framing components are made of high quality, kiln dried 2x4’s to ensure that your framing lumber will not twist or bow. All framing on our heavy duty buildings consists of 2x4’s spaced on 16” center for walls and roof (with the exception of the walls on board ‘n’ batten sided buildings, where 2x4’s run horizontally on 24”centers).
LP-sided, Duratemp-sided, and vinyl-sided buildings are standard with aluminum single-hung windows with screens.
All wood-sided buildings (LP SmartSide, Duratemp, Board ‘n’ Batten, Cedar or Log) include doors with matching siding. It's built with 2x4 floor joists (spaced 16'' on center) and 2x3 wall and rafter construction (spaced 24'' on center). 16-inch roof overhang on gable end above doors. 6-feet wide buildings include one 36” entry door and one window with shutters.
Three-tab shingles with 25 or 30 year warranty, or architectural shingles with lesser sealing qualities, lesser warranties and quality of shingles. Shingles installed with nails have a much better holding power and a greater wind resistance. Shingles cut flush with the end of the drip edge. As shingles age they will shrink, exposing the drip edge to rain and snow.
Shingles that are extended past the roof edges allow for shrinkage and preserve your building for decades of use.
Double-bent edges keep the trim more rigid and protect it from buckling. It also has a stronger wind resistance.
2x4’s set on edge will keep your doors rigid, discouraging the top of your doors from bowing out and being open to the elements, and also keeping the bottom ofdoors tight to discourage entry of unwelcome critters. Many vinyl sidings on the market use fillers such as sand or other by-products to reduce the amount of resins needed to make the siding.
LP SmartSide is designed to withstand many years of exposure to the environment (50 year warranty). Nails offer more holding power and ensure that your structure will stay as secure as the day it was built. Adds extra protection from snow and ice buildup in front of the double door. Adds beauty to your building.

Pressure-treated floor joists add many years of rot-free and termite-resistant protection to your floor. The wall plate corners fit together snug like a puzzle, then are nailed thru the top plate into the bottom plate.
Lower quality lumber that has not been properly dried will crack, twist or bow as it dries out.
Please note this does not opt you out of being served advertising. You will continue to receive generic ads. The doors can be placed in either the gable or the eave side of the building. 6-feet wide through 10-feet wide sheds feature a 6'4" wall height. The screws are concealed, making the door burglar-resistant. No screw holes in the face of the door.
A steel entry door is very easy to dent and if scratched it is impossible to touch up so that it cannot be seen. As this product ages, it will actually wick moisture, causing separation and delamination to the entire panel. Unprimed exterior siding products. This is a solid compressed product, unlike plywood, which may have voids in the plys, causing weak spots or delamination in the floor.
If ever scratched, they can easily be touched up. Has a beautiful raised panel woodgrain appearance. This is an engineered product with zinc borate treatment (a long-acting treatment against moisture, mold and termites). You have the peace of mind of knowing that your building will keep its original beauty for many years. Zinc borate treatment is a long-acting preservative against moisture, mold, rodents, and termites. You will see very little, if any imperfections on the lumber. We guarantee termite-free and mold-free wood. Board ‘n’ Batten, log-sided and cedar-sided buildings are standard with rustic hand-made wood square-top windows.
The interior of this siding has a coating which gives your interior a consistent appearance.
Fir Duratemp plywood siding has a hardboard exterior finish, which is insect and moisture repellent. Factory pre-primed panels add another layer of protection against Mother Nature.

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vinyl siding storage sheds 4x6

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