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I'm pretty good at handyman jobs and can follow directions well, but I didn't see that it didn't come with a floor. Assembly was fairly easy, but make sure you make a nice, level base for it to sit on (mine wasn't the best).
My brother and I are two guys in their fifties and yet we managed to get the shed together in about eight hours. The cost is great for the storage you get, and with a little help to assemble and an anchor kit you can get a nice sturdy storage building.
I had a concrete slab already to install these on (I bought two) and even with a little slant to the surface they both went up fine.
We opted for this model due to the lifetime warranty and size needed in the space we had to work with. By Dave from Southwick, MA on September 20, 2013 Is there a roof strengthening kit for model VD108-A in order to handle heavier snow loads? By Dawn on September 16, 2013Answer:That requirement is totally up to your local code office.By Chad from Vallejo, CA on September 15, 2014 Does this come with the base as shown in the video? THE SIDE DOOR CAN BE INSTALLED ON THE RIGHT, LEFT, OR BACK WALL OF THE SHED.IT MUST BE INSTALLED AT THE BACK OF THE SHED.
I was reading the ownera€™s manual for this shed and on step 12 it said that it can go in 2 places on the back wall, towards the left or right. While searching internet for LP record related subject I found out that a lot of you are interested in self-made storage solutions. I found some most interesting and best guides out there for you to use as an inspiration or detailed plan for your storage project. Smart special ideas I saw nowhere else like felt finished inside of shelves for smooth records sliding! 3D interactive PDF file to download – you can rotate the model to view it from any angle. This isn’t a video really, more like a slide show showing you some photos and some instructions.
There is a lot of talking in this one but the guy is a true vinyl fan so it’s not boring or anything. This post shows you how to build a storage solution which is more like a shop stand then a standard shelf or cabinet.
Great design – make a bunch of these units and you can open your own LP records shop! While using one of above DIY guides directly, making your own unit and taking some inspiration from all these great ideas or just buying some storage solution, you will have to keep in mind that LP records aren’t books, CDs, DVDs etc. The strongest Vinyl Storage Building available features double wall, rigid vinyl construction that protects your property for years. Fortunately, this Arrow Ground Corkscrew Anchor Kit makes this crucial installation step extremely easy. Even so I built a pressure treated wood floor to keep it square, level, and make it easy to anchor.
We live in the northeast and so it would have been nice if a local store had sold the roof strengthening kit for the shed. If the base isn't level the pieces won't align properly, but I managed to get them together and completed it in fourteen hours by myself. It took ten hours for two people to put it together, but make sure you have a flat surface and take your time with the directions (many different little pieces to attach).

We already had a nice concrete slab to put the shed on, so I was able to anchor the shed after we had it assembled. Sometimes the manual's illustrations were somewhat unclear and this forced us to re-do some parts of the building after we had done them incorrectly. They were right in front of a block wall and I needed to make them waterproof so a gutter went up between the two.
The information to correctly assemble this unit is there in the instruction, it is just not always readily apparent.
It shouldn’t be much surprising – vinyl is popular and DIY is popular, so why not bring them together? It’s really great because beside plans and guide it gives you a lot of handy tips like how long the single shelf should be to support records without bending in the middle. Again we can see a lot of good work done on this one – drawings, plans and even 3D model. Nothing strange in it because they are one of the cheapest and most flexible way to store vinyl records.
But it occurred that there are so many of them, that it’s simply impossible to pick just one.
But it’s really detailed, there are all materials, measurements and needed tools given and the unit looks sturdy and modern. But it’s great because it will expose your records and give you an easy access to them. Interlocking panels assemble quickly and easily to provide dry, secure storage for your valuables. To anchor it to the ground we used a base of 4x4s and ten different two foot lengths of re-bar. Also, I put some six mil plastic underneath the floor of the sheds as well as beneath the tiles for the ceiling (but over the rafters). We had to call to confirm that putting it indoors on a cement floor meant no need for anchoring or foundation.It set up relatively easily (two people) and we're quite happy. This shed features an 8' wide format which makes it the perfect size for most backyards and patios if you need more storage space. Vinyl-Coated Steel Storage Shed 3 answers Can the smaller side door be put on either side? The shelf itself is very simple but – I can tell you the best things in life are simple. So here you are – below you will find some great videos which will show you how to build your record storage unit. The author of the post isn’t the owner of the design and plans provided here but he gave a proper credits to Audiokarma thread. Fortunately, this Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit makes it easy to provide your storage building with the structural reinforcement it needs. The shed actually measures at eight by five feet seven inches, but after the shed is put together it is an excellent storage space. They gave us an extra bag of screws which was nice in case we lost any, and you can adjust the doors which slide well.
The manufacturer will send a replacement for any missing parts without any trouble, but make sure you take a thorough check before you start building to make sure you have everything (we were missing many screws and bolts). I had to, on three occassion, disassemble sections and reassemble them due to almost unnoticable non-highlighted details in the drawings and instructions.

Having a quick and easy assembly process is just one of the many benefits of owning this shed.
The author of this project is a true records lover and he put a lot of work to explain everything. The design is simple but has some touch of thinking about decorative aspects which a lot of you will appreciate. The interesting thing is that in the first few minutes the author talks about the cons of a popular IKEA Expedit unit. From the comments section you can see that he is active on his channel so if you need some more informations – just ask for them. With a lot of photos, materials and tools list and everything you could possibly need to make yourself one of those little cubes. This Arrow Vinyl Dallas 10 x 8 Premium Outdoor Storage Shed can provide the balance of performance and economy you need.Not Just a Cheap Knock-OffThis Dallas isn't just a metal shed trying to pretend that it's a vinyl structure.
Sometimes if the foundation isn't level the openings won't line up, but drilling new ones is easy. All in all the job only needed a fifty foot roll of plastic to keep it dry, as several days of fog and rain have not been able to make the interior wet.
It also has wall columns that are reinforced with solid metal which will allow you to mount the shelves and tools holder with ease! But believe me – it should just be a start point for your own research – there are a lot more to see out there! He talks about the thick frame which takes space you could use for more vinyl records otherwise. If you're looking to make that part of installation even easier, you may want to consider getting an Arrow Outdoor Shed Foundation Kit.
Beside that – is there something more rewarding then building yourself a proper vinyl album storage unit, custom made just for your collection?
You will have to see the clip and try to connect the photos with materials list – it will be a small challenge for the less experienced makers but it will be rewording for sure.
And the funny thing is that IKEA was thinking exactly the same while changing Expedit into Kallax. Of course the giant Swedish retailer decision was not made because they care about your vinyl collection but because they care about the amount of materials used to build the unit. This durable shed is made from vinyl-coated steel with metal siding and a steel roof for lasting use. Records are heavy and having wheels in your unit makes transporting them around your place much easier. The wide, roll-up garage door accommodates tractors, mowers and other large equipment, and the sliding side door provide additional access to stored items. And you need to know that deforestation regulations are quiet a serious problem for such a big manufacturers like IKEA. Anyone with some skills and DIY experience should be able to make this one without much trouble. So this isn’t a guide really, more like an inspirational post with some photos to take pattern from.

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