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September 25, 2015 By: Melissa2 CommentsThis shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. The four-legged members of our family, our dogs Chunk and Henry, have been with us through a lot. A squeaky new toy or a fluffy new place to lay is a sure way to brighten their day and make them happier!
What pup doesn’t love a nice long walk or a fun car ride and letting their ears fly free in the wind?! A dog food that is specially formulated formulated to increase cognitive awareness in adult (age 7+) dogs, such as Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND , is a great food to give to your dogs to make them have a happier day. Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND contains enhanced botanical oils shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs seven and older with visible results within 30 days. When added to the daily diet of dogs 7+, formulas that contained enhanced botanical oils promoted memory, attention and trainability. The next time you take your dog for a ride in the car to PetSmart, pick up a bag to try out. Unfortunately us humans aren’t always so optimistic, I know I find taking the same old route every day a bit dull.
Once or twice a week find a nearby park or new neighborhood to explore and enjoy the change of scenery. For our dogs a walk is more than just exercise, for many it’s their daily opportunity to explore the outside world. Apps like Wooftrax & ResQWalk have made it easy to raise money for your favorite rescue organization while you walk.
Learn how Anna went from broke to bad ass in record time with the Spenders Guide to Debt-Free Living. Nothing makes us smile like our dogs when they are obviously happy: there’s nothing quite like a sparkly-eyed, grinning dog to banish the blues! Della Farmer:March 21, 2016 at 1:40 pmDiscover The Powerful Dog Training Secrets To Eliminate Over 30+ Common Behavioral Dog and Puppy Issues With STEP-BY-STEP Instructions From One of The World’s Most Skilled Dog Trainers! Dogs generally very much enjoy walks of all varieties; short walks, long walks, energetic walks, sedate walks, on the lead, off the lead, and everything else!
As well as simply getting exercise, walking can be a valuable opportunity to observe how your dog reacts to a wide range of external stimulus, and use your walks as a teaching opportunity for your dog.
Most of us have a set route or routes for local walks with our dogs, which are familiar to both dog and owner.
Your dog should never pull you around when walking, and it should be you, not your dog, that dictates where you go when you are out. Hooking up with another dog and owner for your walks now and then can provide a nice opportunity for both you and your dog to socialise and entertain each other.
Walks are in many ways their own rewards, but you can certainly up your game and give your dog something else to think about by taking some fun toys on your walks with you. It is nice to enable off the lead walking and play when your dog is well trained and responsive enough to be safe to do this with, so practice your off-the-lead skills with your dog, such as walking to heel without a lead, stopping at junctions, gates and roads, and returning to you regularly to check where you are.
When the weather is not too chilly, many dogs enjoy swimming or paddling, either to cool down or for the sheer enjoyment of it. Keep your dog guessing and actively engaged on their walks by never making things predictable or dull. Playing a game such as hide and seek with your dog is a great opportunity to improve your dog’s recall skills, as learning to seek you out will get them into a routine of checking where you are or actively trying to find you, rather than you having to keep checking your dog.
CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Dogs are generally among the most joyful of animals, with a true lust for life and hearty enjoyment of everything that approaches them. While some dogs need to be groomed on a daily basis in order to keep their coat in good condition, even shorthaired dogs that do not necessarily need to be brushed can benefit from just five minutes a day of grooming. Feed your dog the best quality dog food that you can afford, and you will almost certainly notice subtle changes in your dog’s health and condition. All dogs need to be walked, and many of us could certainly be doing more about exercising our dogs to the optimum level for them. Good training and management of your dog is important, but equally important is letting your hair down and just going wild with your dog from time to time, and letting your dog do the same! If your dog loves car trips, try to take them with you when you can, allowing your dog to sniff the air (without getting their head out of the window) while you are driving along. They’ve moved to new homes with us,  and have been with us before we even had human children.
Despite the everyday hustle and bustle of our lives, we want do the best we can to make sure that our big dogs are happy, healthy, and feel loved each day. Living in South Florida, we are lucky that the weather is usually cooperative enough to be able to bring the kids and dogs outside to play.

Take a long walk or a trip in the car to your favorite pet-friendly place like the dog park, PetSmart, etc. That makes me happy, too, knowing my dogs are eating food that’s helping them have a better life! What are some of your favorite activities to do with your dog or ways that you brighten up your dog’s day? Luckily there’s a few simple ways to change up our daily dog walking routine and turn it into something more exciting and enjoyable. Take a few minutes on your walk to stop and let them sniff around, it’s their way of exploring the world around them. Switch gears and take more time to enjoy the scenery, or pick up the pace to add some intensity to the walk. They’re pedometers that track your distance and donations are based on performance and distance. From observing butterflies to snapping photos of local plants there’s plenty of projects out there to choose from. And here are our favorite ways to get our dogs smiling in the summer months… let us know yours in the comments below! Try a different exercise: If you normally go on a daily walk, try taking your dog to a dog park and letting him run off leash. You can get fancy by using a rawhide stick as the stick (LOVE this idea for the dogs!) or put the mixture in an ice cube tray if your dog is smaller.
Both dog and person can enjoy being out in the fresh air and in each other’s company, and walking is of course good for the health of both dog and person. Try to teach your dog some new skills or refresh their existing training, and make sure that your dog still does everything that they should be doing, such as sitting or waiting patiently when waiting to cross the road, or passing other dogs and people without incident. Try taking your dog somewhere different now and then for a bit of variety, either by walking a new route or driving your dog to pastures new to wake them up and provide a new experience. But now and then, it can be fun and rewarding for both dog and owner to let your dog pick where you are going. If you have a friend who likes dogs but does not own one, consider asking them along on your walks now and then, and your dog will thrive on twice the attention! Something to throw and catch, like a ball or a Frisbee is generally popular with most dogs, or a tugging toy or something else that your dog likes but is not suitable for playing with indoors is just as good! Is there a safe, clean pond, lake or stream nearby that your dog can get in and out of easily? Change the pace of your walk throughout the journey, and entertain your dog by skipping, hopping or zig-zagging around and involving them in guessing what you are going to do next! We have all sorts of delicious, fast, healthy frozen summer treats you can whip up for your dog in a jiff.
Add a rubber squeaky toy or two, drop in a food-stuffed Kong, sprinkle in a few non-sogging treats like buffalo jerky bites, cover with water, and freeze. Rates vary; in New York, $18 will get your dog a half-hour group walk with Manhattan’s Pet Club NYC. If you have a high-energy canine pal, biking is the perfect way to let him run off some steam. Interactive brain games are a fun way to socialize and bond with your dog, while encouraging healthy intellectual exercise at the same time.
Clip on your dog’s leash, take a stroll to your neighbourhood dog store, and let your dog pick out a new toy or little treat. This joy can of course enhance the lives of their owners as well, and there is no doubt that owning a dog is a very positive endeavour for the dog lover!
If your dog is sick or you have any concerns, it is of course fine to investigate for yourself what might be amiss, but do not take the word of Google, a pet shop employee, or a friend over the word of an experienced veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. Brushing helps to stimulate the circulation and improve the condition of the skin and coat, and grooming also provides a valuable opportunity for quiet time and bonding with your dog. Feeding good quality food also goes some way to ensuring that your dog will stay fit and healthy into their old age, and helps to support healthy aging and everyday activities. While your dog certainly shouldn’t be pushed too hard or be close to dropping by the time that you come back from a walk, they should have burned off their energy and be appropriately tired, and ready to settle down and relax.
Bounding around with your dog, rolling around wrestling with them or encouraging them to chase you or jump around with you are not generally things that most of us do every day, but now and then, let loose and have a giggle with your dog; you will both benefit from it. Don’t let fleas take hold on your dog, as anyone who has been bitten by a flea knows, even one bite can be highly irritating!
Keep them at a suitable length, and if they do not wear down naturally, clip them or have them clipped to keep your dog comfortable.
Over the course of the years, our daily routines have changed, as things tend to change often in life.

Having all of our family members interact together outside and play together is a lot of fun! Make sure your pup is getting their zzzz’s and recharging their batteries after a long play session. Even when we’re sticking to the same old path every day my dog is excited and ready to go. Enjoy the simplicity of some nice face to face conversation, and if your friend has a dog invite them over for a double dog walk. You don’t have to be a scientist to help contribute meaningful data to the scientific community. If you always go to the same dog park, try a different one.  If you always walk, try jogging with your dog, or go for a hike – the change in exercise and pace would undoubtedly benefit both of you! However, it can be all too easy to fall into a routine of dull walks, and see walking as something of a duty, rather than something to be enjoyed by both dog and owner.
If they wander off in a certain direction, instead of recalling them and walking on, why not think about joining your dog in their investigation, and letting your dog pick where he wants to go, as far as it is safe to do so. Alternatively, if you have a friend who cannot walk their dog at the same tome as you, why not offer to take their dog out with yours? If so, think about taking your dog swimming or paddling, particularly if they are of one of the breeds that love the water, such as a Labrador Retriever or Springer Spaniel.
The picnic need not be fancy; throw together a cold dinner of cheeses and charcuteries, perhaps some leftover tabouleh, potato salad, or cold roast chicken from the night before, and you’re ready to go. Once solid, briefly run under warm water to remove from dish, and give to your dog—outdoors, of course. In Vancouver, British Columbia, $30 will get your dog a two-hour mountain hike group excursion with Release the Hounds.
Make your dog wait while you hide little treats throughout your living room or back yard, then let her loose to find them. It is great to have a happy dog, but have you ever wondered if there is anything specific that you can do to make your dog happy and reward them for their presence in your life? If your dog is as lively as ever when you come back from your walk, you haven’t walked them for long enough! Find out what makes your dog tick, and what makes them the happiest, and do what you can to provide for suitable and safe outlets for this behaviour. Buy your dog the odd treat now and then to show them how much they mean to you, and spend plenty of time with them sharing their enjoyment of it.
Flea infestations can also lead to fleabite sensitivity, an unpleasant and potentially dangerous condition for your dog.
And in the summer months, many dogs love a chance to go swimming; particularly arthritic dogs, for whom the buoyancy of the water relieves stress on their joints but still allows them to get some great exercise.
If you want to liven up your walks or try something new, read on for our top tips on ten ways to make your dog’s walks more exciting.
Make sure that your dog will still return to you when called, when it is time to go home or if there is a hazard up ahead. Obviously, you must be confident in your ability to manage two dogs, and assured of the training and responsiveness of the other dog in order to do this. The idea is to get to the park fast and enjoy the remaining light, not to mention to free oneself from the kitchen. Group outings like these provide your dog with exercise and a new socialization opportunity, and you with a day’s reprieve from feeling that perhaps your dog didn’t get as much stimulation and exercise as he wanted. If your dog is smaller, older, or just not up for expending that much energy, she can still come along for the ride.
We do this a couple of times a week for the MD office dogs, making them wait in the lunchroom while we secret treats throughout the office, then give them the cue to start the search.
A new collar or lead now and then is appropriate too, and your dog’s food and water bowls should be replaced when they start to become scratched or damaged.
Instead of heading out the door in the same direction, why not take a short car ride together and explore a new place?
Once at the park, set yourself up in a quiet corner, unfurl a blanket, and let loose the hounds.

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