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I would move everything on the outside closer to the middle and put the town hall in the corner so they are more likely to snipe it for a free shield.
I'm going to upgrade everything before I move on to TH8, but collectors aren't my priority at the moment. As far as the Town Hall goes, I like having it as another obstacle to other farmers looking to break my base.
From a farming perspective, your base looks weak in the midsection, with but a single wall stopping access to your core, and not many aoe buildings stopping me from just plowing through your cannons with archers. I would move your bottom tesla to one of the sides for sure, since if someone is coming from the bottom you already are strong from that angle. Not a bad design at all imo, but maybe AD needs to be more centralised (unless you're not getting hit by giant healer attacks, which most people are).
Hey guys im new to th9, only been her for about a week and this is my first farming design. I had not been drinking, had not taken any drugs, and I can assure you I watched the attack live and the guy one starred him. I have finally finished my base up and I would like some feedback as to what I could improve in my layout, what upgrades I should be going for next and any other general tips, tricks and strategies you'd like to share both defense and offense wise. The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch!
In the future, you should post stuff like this should be posted in Simple Questions Simple Answers. Just one note: Although I can't stop you from roflstomping my team with your level 100 competitive mons, I designed this base with in-game teams in mind (so why am I posting it on Smogon?

I don't have the time at the moment to get them all up to level 100, so I removed the Level Release for now.
You can get to it with only Fly if you choose to Fly to Shoal Cave, you can just stroll across the beach to it.
Also, I think I've figured that whatever you have on hand at the time you choose to Game Sync is what team will be tied to your base. Edit: Scratch that, you guys can now fight 3 of my (horribly outdated) Pokemon straight from my Emerald Battle Frontier team. We try to answer all calls within 10 seconds - and you'll speak to a real person, not a machine.
Fresh, modern and distinctly European with its chic appearance, the Roca The Gap Basin Unit (White) makes for a cool inclusion in the stylish home.
Coming in a range of sizes to match its dedicated Roca basin, this wall-mounted unit can adapt to a range of differently proportioned interiors. I would drop a few archers to pick off the extractors, then just drop everything on the left side through that hole, while I couldn't more than 2 star you, I could most definitely get your gold and elixir.
Maybe also take a few of the storages out the core because as a Th7 it's practically impossible to stop a Th8 reaching the core with a high powered army. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox! If you try with a QR code, you'll receive a message alerting you of that and the old base remains.

I only have the Regice doll, but whenever I try to get a QR code of another member of GameFreak, I only get the things you would normally get from any other base. From 350mm in width up to 650mm in width, this basin unit can fit in the small cloakroom to taking the central position in the bathroom interior.
Perhaps try and take a few walls from somewhere (I'm not convinced that the northern archer tower benefits much from being walled in) and then widen the gap between AD and AT in the south, and between Cannon and AT in the west, and put some storages in there. If the old base is not yours or one of your favorites, the new base will overwrite the old one. At some point I might make EV training bases for those who want to reduce the amount of time spent with hoards, but a basic base will suffice for now.
Finished in a pure gloss white, and fitted with a chrome handle to complement its look, this unit is capable of totally transforming the most drab interior into a modern, vibrant living space. Also there looks to be a spawn hole between the north-eastern gold mine (the one next to the barracks) and the walls which defeats the point of pushing the buildings out to push back spawn point, and also means that it's easy for them to aim wallbreakers at that wall (which it isn't otherwise). Also, bases obtained through QR codes are automatically added to your favorites and you can not scan a QR code from your own base.
Gotta say though, still like the design, especially the way that the outer walls confuse wallbreakers.

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what base is needed for a shed

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