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Choosing storage cabinets though is something that should be done with care, Here are a few things that you need to look for tips with these expert suggestions. Wire display racks are so versatile, so useful, you can use them to display just about anything, and put them just about anywhere.
Wire racks are so versatile, and come in so many sizes that you can display walls full of candy or offer a counter top display.
WireCrafters DEA Drug Storage Cages are specifically designed to store and secure Class III, IV, and V controlled substances.
It goes without saying that the safe and secure storage of valuable property is crucial for most companies. WireCrafters Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage enclosures, security cages, or to divide large buildings into smaller sections. WireCrafters Server Cages are perfect for securing network servers and expensive computer equipment, or separating multiple client racks. Panels come in one foot increments from 1' to 10' wide, and in heights of 4' and 5', and are available for 48 hour shipping! Our wire partitions make it possible to construct a DEA controlled substance storage cage of virtually any size or shape. We have years of experience providing DEA approved enclosures to the drug and pharmaceutical industry and have never failed a DEA inspection to date!
The flexibility of WireCrafters Style 840 Wire Partitions makes it possible to construct a DEA controlled substance storage cage of any size or shape. As stipulated by 21 CFR 1301.72 storage areas for Schedule III through V controlled substances require a high level of security. WireCrafters offers a number of standard and custom secured storage lock options to meet this requirement, as well a line of self-closing doors with mechanical and powered operators.
WireCrafters standard panels are at a maximum ten feet long, four or five feet tall, and are made of 2" x 1" opening 10 gauge steel wire. WireCrafters standard posts are 2" square with base plates for floor anchoring welded to each.
Shall have a ceiling of same materials, or erected to reach the structural ceiling of the building.

A simple modification to the hole layout on WireCrafters stock posts eliminates the sweep space allowing flush to floor mounting of the wire mesh panels as required for this application.
WireCrafters offers these controlled substance storage features plus years of experience providing DEA approved enclosures to the drug and pharmaceutical industry. Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer.
Alternate mesh, sheet metal, clear polycarbonate panels available, see Special Mesh for stocked items.
Complete with two door posts, two 4 wheel trolley trucks, 16 gauge track, and all hardware. Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel.
Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge. Your browser is out of date and can not correctly display all features of this and other websites. As a result, you'll encounter more and more problems as time goes by - problems that are caused not by the websites you are visiting, but by the browser you are using. If you choose to close this alert and continue, you will likely have trouble viewing and navigating our site as intended. Whether you own a convenience store, dollar store, video store, grocery store, liquor store, restaurant, gift shop, or amusement park, you can use your wire racks to display the following 101 things, and many more. It’s a perfect way to display impulse items such as candy bars, gummi candy, wicker baskets of saltwater taffy, gum, or even novelty gumballs.
Customers can browse through the books on your wire racks, or choose from writing materials such as stationary and pens. You definitely want to use your versatile wire racks to appeal to tourists’ wants and needs.
These might include toys, trophies, arts and crafts materials, paints, crayons, stuffed animals, or water guns. Consider displaying plaques from different teams you’ve sponsored, business cards, or awards from the community.

This drug storage application of WireCrafters wire partitions is ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and much more. 2" square steel support posts are spaced no more than 10' apart, with welded-on base plates for lagging to the floor. The DEA cage can have a free spanning ceiling up to 30' or a ceiling of any size with vertical support tubes. The frames of our wire mesh panels satisfy the requirement for horizontal reinforcement every sixty inches.
Furthermore, our secured storage system is so strong that panels can be stacked between posts to reach the ceiling of almost any building. Supplied with radio frequency remote controls, self-closing timer, anti-crush safety switch, and photo eye safety switch.
Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color. We strongly advise you to upgrade to one of the browsers listed below in order to keep your computer secure, and so that you may experience our site as it was designed to function. In addition to protecting against pilferage, wire partitions can be used as safety barriers to protect personnel from potentially dangerous conditions.
These simple racks can display brochures featuring local tourist attractions, pamphlets, postcards, and maps of the area. Panels can also be stacked to any height so that the DEA cage can be tied into the facility's existing walls and ceiling.
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Some applications include guarding machinery, safety railing, and pallet rack backing to protect from possible falling objects. All of our slide and hinge doors can be made self-closing and accessible with a card reader or ten digit keypad with the installation of an electric strike or mag lock.

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