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These  one of a kind artworks are constructed from reclaimed local barn wood that is over 80 years old as well as natural salvaged branch pieces.
There are no faux finishes in the world that can duplicate the colors and textures that Mother Nature creates. There is just something about wood that has been aged for over 80 years that produces the most unique array of colors and textures.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Furniture combing the cast aluminium and wood.The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia has created a collection of furniture made of damaged materials. Firstly, molten aluminum is spread over the wood, scorching the surface; the log is then sectioned into square forms.

Each piece is hand selected for its character and natural patina to enhance the beauty of your piece. Moreover with polished metal and natural wooden formation creates some debilitation for this furniture.
After searching through page after page on pinterest, something has finally caught my eye and made me catch my breath! Burnt wood is reused in combination with aluminium, while retaining its organic appearance. Individual sections are then paired with differently sized frames–ranging from a coffee table to night stand–used to cast the metal body of the furniture.
The darker brown natural woods were those aged within a barn, while grey boards have been weathered outside. The general,squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps the memory of the material.

The hot liquid metal is poured into the molds, which are removed once the aluminum has cooled and set to reveal the now-sutured log and metal legs, enjoined by a dark band of char. The design combines organic material with abstract forms, “intensifying the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeping the memory of the material”. Created by using industrial techniques, these pieces of contemporary furniture evoke the feeling of Brutalist aesthetics, revealing the texture of the wooden forms used for the in-situ casting.

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wood art utah

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