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And believe it or not – YOU CAN DO THIS type of gun stock carving, with no artistic ability!
Today, we are going to give you the entire presentation on Mastering the Basketweave Pattern – Gun Stock Carving.
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If you’ve never touched a high speed engraver to metal or steel, you are missing out.

Joe Cummings is a master gun stock carver that specializes in replacing the factory checkering on a gun stock with the basketweave (or fishscale) pattern. Step by step from start to finish – Joe walks you through the steps he takes, the burs he uses, and even the finishing process. You will be amazed at how simple it is to engrave perfect designs, simply by tracing the lines through the stencil film. This is a very nice way to turn an ordinary gun stock into a one-of-a-kind original piece of art. We’re talking about a gun that will be cherished and admired by all and a gun that your children will surely fight over one day! Irish wood flower patterns worked as finials or line enders; great for wood burning, quilt applique, fabric painting.

Irish wood flower patterns worked as border and wide line layout; great for wood burning, quilt applique, fabric painting.
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wood carving patterns for gun stocks

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