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November 19, 2013 by Ana Dziengel 14 Comments I love unique art projects for kids and this one I dreamed up as an “art experiment”! The sky is truly the limit with this art project for children, all you need are some clothespins and some creative ideas for what might make an interesting paintbrush. When I was planning a fun clothespin project for wood month here on Babble Dabble Do I remembered seeing some homemade paint brushes on Pink and Green Mama and Fantastic Fun and Learning.  Given that clothespins can hold just about anything I decided to make this an art experiment for my kids. Get some paint and paper together and ask your child to start testing out the different brushes. Fabienne Verdier. One thing I love about writing this blog is researching artists, designers, and scientists to tie into each post. What I love most about this art project for kids is that it was all about the process, not the product.
Here’s a selection of 30 awesome DIY ideas that we loved and decided to share with you. Every single one of us have our own idea of what’s beautiful, stylish, comfortable or functional, but you have to admit – whatever we make ourselves is automatically so much cooler! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Reutilize vidros para fazer paineis com vaso de flores, que podem, inclusive, ser um suporte para guardar varios objetos. Mas, se voce quer colocar a mao da massa, sugerimos um passo a passo com frascos de vidros que sao facilmente encontrados. 1? passo: Escove bem a madeira com uma escova de aco para retirar a poeira e sujeira acumulada. 2? passo: Medir e marcar o local onde voce gostaria que os frascos de comida para bebe para ser colocado sobre a madeira.
Agora os seus vasos de colocar flores compostos com potinhos de vidro estao prontinhos para receber seus arranjos.
Plum Pudding put a new spin on spin art by making their finished artwork into mobiles!  I love this!
My daughter and I collected materials, made brushes, and then decided which brush was the most fun to use. I had never heard of Fabienne Verdier until I researched artists who use unusual brushes and now I am completely awestruck by her work. It truly is an art experiment and a great way to show your kids how to be resourceful and imaginative when it comes to art.  So the next time you run out of paintbrushes, stop and scour your house for some materials and make your own brushes from scratch!
And for more ideas on DIY art materials be sure to visit a super popular post here on Babble Dabble Do: 40 Art Materials You Can Make At Home. The implied and actual texture they create make for interesting process based art We just made Yarn Paintbruhes that we are in love with!

With endless inspiration sources online, the do-it-yourself or simply DIY projects have become increasingly popular. Reaproveitar tudo que for possivel ajuda a natureza, pois nao esgota os seus recursos, e ainda permite que voce solte a imaginacao e personalize pecas de decoracao da sua casa.
Com um martelo e um perfurador de metal (ou uma chave de fenda), faca um buraquinho na madeira, deixando intervalos para que caiba o frasco sem ficar apertado. Use uma corda ou barbante se quiser, ou martele o prego na parede e pendure o painel de madeira nesse local. It can be used like a stamp or a brush and nicely absorbs just enough paint to make it useful and controllable.
I basically wanted to use the pic of all the brushes and the idea and blog my experience with the twins playing with your homemade brushes! Besides leaving you with a one-of-a-kind product of your imagination, it is also a great past time activity, one where you can also engage your family and friends.
Verdier is inspired by calligraphy and uses enormous brushes  to make calligraphic type paintings. Algumas empresas recolhem garrafas, derretem os vasilhames e fazem verdadeiras pecas de luxo.
You may also want to keep brush materials handy to make new brushes once you see how they are working.
She needs a special steering device to control these brushes which hang from the ceiling of her studio. In fact, it’s time to spotlight them with pride!One interesting aspect of collections is the way they highlight the unique qualities of each item in the group.
While you may be likely to ignore a ceramic horse on the shelf of a thrift store, all of a sudden that same horse is an eye-catching treasure when displayed in a grouping with other vintage ceramics. Strangely, sometimes it’s not until we group like items that their nuances truly stand out! Check out the images and suggestions below:Mount Your Collection on the WallWhat if your collection became artwork? Ideal for groups of small items, these compact wall compartments can hold jars and vases filled with collectibles such as shelves. [from Apartment Therapy]For a fancy take on the wall shelf idea, convert wine crates to display cases with the help of a DIY tutorial from Design Sponge.
With a variety of adhesives to choose from, including poster tape and strips, paint-friendly mounting options are a reality.
Plus, applying small items to the wall itself is refreshingly unexpected, as shown by this next collection of colorful Pez dispensers. [from One Good Bumblebee via Apartment Therapy]Not to mention, wall-mounted collectibles take on an art installation quality.
In fact, the collection below is an actual art installation by Steve Wiman, owner of Uncommon Objects, a quirky vintage collectible shop in Austin, Texas.

Note how diverse items are unified by a similar color scheme and worn aesthetic. [from Refueled]The next wall collection was actually used as a Christmas tree, but it shows how a carefully-crafted layout of small items can create alluring wall art.
In fact, a wall grouping is an excellent way to unite seemingly unrelated items, especially if they are arranged to form a larger shape or design. [from All the Luck in the World via Apartment Therapy]Display Your Collection on a ShelfSometimes a shelf is all you need to give your collection new life.
A colorful wall and floating shelving are all that’s needed to make the pieces stand out, especially since their sheer number speaks volumes! [from That (Unreliable) Girl]When it comes to shelf arrangements, try grouping your collection by color, as shown by the next display of art glass. While color is a unifying force, there is true diversity of shape, size, texture and transparency. [from Palmetto Estate Liquidators] While packing shelves with items makes a big statement, strategically leaving some empty space creates impact as well. Forget childish–this collection takes on a modern sophistication when placed on simple white shelving in a room with colorful furniture. [from Fanpop!]What about stackable shelves? They can be arranged in a variety of configurations, and they become mini-stages for special items such as vintage cameras. [from Flickr user Artemis the Phoenix] Go for the Unexpected!When walls and shelves aren’t the answer, perhaps a little dose of the unexpected is in order!
In the Parisian home below, globes dangle from the ceiling in a festive display of innovative design. [from The Designer Pad]In fact, a ceiling-mounted display can create a whimsical effect, as shown by the umbrella collection that hangs from the ceiling of the Singapore Philatetic Museum. [from Simple Joys in Life]What if you used a collection to display another collection? For example, if you collect containers such as apothecary jars, fill them with collections of other small items, such as sea sponges. Fill it with your favorite postcards and photographs, and it’s a win-win!On that note, have you ever considered using a vintage mannequin or dress form to hold a jewelry collection? Now the brooches below can see the light of day in the most stylish of ways! [from House of Onika] For another clever display strategy, mix your collections! For example, combine seashell-topped glass bottles with framed pictures in an intriguing grouping. Each collection benefits from the addition of a second theme. [from Pottery Barn]What if the collection were based on a theme or trait rather than object type? The result: a room full of happiness! [from Big Design Loves]We end with an image from a previous Decoist article on creating a cabinet of curiosities.
Try displaying your collection in or on an item that was not originally meant to display objects. As you can see, changing the function of a set of drawers from card catalog to air plant receptacle is a highly original way to make your collection count! [from Poetic Home]When it comes to displaying a favorite collection, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from stores. Visit your favorite gift shop or boutique and note how merchandise is highlighted and arranged. Sometimes the art of collecting is matched by the art of display–after viewing the images above, we think you’ll agree!

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