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Learn essential finishing techniques that bring out the texture and character of your wood in this FREE mini-class. Meet your instructor, expert furniture maker Robert Spiece, as you learn about various lumber options and gain tips on how to choose the best wood for your project. Learn about the benefits of wipe-on finishes as Robert demonstrates what types are available, and how to apply each type.
Robert Spiece is a furniture maker and instructor at the JD Lohr School of Woodworking, where he began his career as an apprentice. This class is great, not just for a free class, but I would pay for a class of this caliber. Distressing is a decorative enhancement our artisans perform by hand to create the impression of time worn old-world craftsmanship. Glaze can be carefully hand sprayed for a unique gradient effect that adds visual interest as well as depth.
Our top-quality HAPs compliant stains, sealers and topcoats enhance the natural beauty and character of the wood grain and are better for both the environment and the longevity of your finish.
We keep on the cutting edge by paying attention to global design trends and researching new formulas, materials and procedures, ensuring our ability to produce whatever our client desires. Learn accessible techniques and troubleshooting tips from furniture maker and instructor Robert Spiece in this free mini-class.

You’ll also learn how to gauge what the finished look and color will be, prepare your wood for finishing and sand your material utilizing Robert's professional tips. You’ll work with curved and offset pieces with ease as you learn how to apply finishes evenly and efficiently.
You’ll learn how to save time and money with brush-on options, compare the pros and cons of different finishes and follow close-up demonstrations for applying and sanding your work.
You’ll learn new sanding techniques before Robert demonstrates how to use steel wool, the rub-on finish of your choice and some old-fashioned elbow grease to create a gorgeous finished project. Today, he creates custom pieces for clients across the United States, teaches a practical approach for students working out of their home shops and publishes instructional articles in a variety of woodworking magazines. When hand applied and then wiped, glaze remains mostly along profiles and corners creating a shadow effect, or remains in gauges and cracks if Old World is the desired style. Glaze can also be applied meticulously with a small brush or needle as an accent along edges and corners for a modern, yet traditional look, or to highlight carved accents or frieze moldings for a truly vintage motif.
With over 1,000 color samples to choose from, and our expert ability to mix and layer colors and techniques, any hue or texture can be produced or matched. Find out how to pick the right finish based on the woodgrain and desired outcome for your piece.
Robert shares important safety tips that will protect you and your shop before demonstrating how to sand your work and apply multiple coats with an expert eye.

You’ll love bringing out the character and texture of your finished wood pieces as you apply the techniques shown in this class to any project! This video has really given me some insight on the process and helped me to create some beautiful pieces. Glaze is a semi-transparent color that can be hand sprayed, brushed or wiped on to the entire surface for added dimension. Dry-brushing accentuates the hand brushed strokes popular in coastal and shabby-chic designs.
Then, experiment with a variety of finishes to make the grain pop as you master wipe-on, brush-on and rottenstone hand-rub techniques. Robert will demonstrate how to prepare your wood for a smooth finish and share application methods for flawless results.

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wood finishing techniques for pine

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