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When looking to get a quote on a metal building for your home, business, or farm there are a few major factors to consider.
Take off the metal siding panels, metal trim, and metal roofing panels on a building and you will see the structure for its core. Besides the standard run of the mill portable buildings that you will see on the side of the highway or at a local home improvement store.
The framing system you choose for you metal building project will effect numerous factors such as the cost of the building materials or package, cost to erect the structure, and size of building (length, width, height) that can be designed with the specific framing system.
Now Lucas Buildings manufactures and recommends their standard of steel framing known as red-iron steel for their metal building packages. Red-iron steel framed metal buildings also are easy to erect because there is no fabrication or engineering that needs to be done on the construction site. When you are in the market to purchase a metal building for your home, business, or farm you now know what exactly is at the core of a metal building. Receive four free quotes for 'Steel Buildings' from leading manufacturers in the US & Canada.
BuildingsGuide was developed out of frustration when the owners were trying to construct a ‘backyard shop’ several years ago and had difficulty in finding a durable, secure and economical building solution that would require a minimum of maintenance.
To receive up to four competing steel building quotes simply specify the building you are looking for and let us match you with the best suppliers in your area.
The terminology used to describe steel buildings over the years has changed as the technology for designing and producing these buildings has matured.
Modular Buildings – are three dimensional building segments that are produced in a manufacturing facility. Prefabricated Buildings – also referred to as prefab buildings (for more see here) are manufactured and substantially assembled at the manufacturing plant.
Made of high-quality, coated steel, rigid frame steel buildings are used for larger space requirements because of their straight wall design they deliver more, clear span, usable, interior space for less.
Rigid frames can be designed & specified to withstand wind, snow and seismic loading for all North American locations. These large-scale, engineered buildings employ a customized truss system to add building strength, more space, and even a second floor or mezzanine level.
Metal trusses are typically pre-engineered and delivered to the job site ready for installation based on individual specifications.
Using a pre-built truss system lessens construction time so your space needs are met faster, and because the building is supported by web trusses, you can build higher to accommodate the largest vehicles in your fleet, more office staff upstairs, additional storage space on the same-sized building footprint. Unlike rigid frame buildings, open web truss structures are limited to a maximum clearspan width of 100 feet.
Perhaps the most widely-recognized pre-engineered building is the Quonset hut (or Arch Building)– a half-round building that uses the rigidity of its 18-24 inch arch panels to support the building itself.
Originally designed for military use during WWII, these buildings were designed to be quickly assembled by hand with only basic tools. In addition to the traditional semi-circular shape (Q-Model), modified Quonset designs have been introduced in recent years. Steel buildings can cost 35-50% less to build than conventionally constructed buildings such as stick-built or post & beam buildings. Again, because on-site cutting and preparation is eliminated material waste is virtually non-existent. With modern Computer Aided Design & Drafting technology building components are accurately produced at the factory, resulting in buildings that fit together first time. Due to their inherent fire resistant properties, coupled with post production finishes, insurance premiums on metal buildings can be up to 40% less than those for wooden frame buildings.
Unlike wooden structures, metal buildings will not rot, warp, crack and do not require re-painting. Accurately engineered buildings ensure that doors and windows close tightly reducing heat loss (or cool air escaping). With the strength of the buildings steel components, coupled with modern engineering principles, buildings can be designed to withstand hurricane force wind speeds between 70mph right up to 180mph. Metal buildings won’t expand or contract with moisture levels and structural members are all secured with rust-resistant bolts. Due to the all steel construction & components, the chance for indoor or outdoor fires is extremely low. Steel buildings are considered to be ‘Green Buildings’ as they have a lower negative environmental impact (energy use, raw material consumption, created material waste) than other building options.
Steelbuildings are 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable, recyclable, reusable building option. Since steel framed buildings do not have chemically treated members (as is the case with lumber to prevent rotting), future contamination is not a concern. Due to their modular nature, metal buildings can be expanded quickly and cost effectively by disassembling one end wall and adding additional clear span sections.
Small to medium sized buildings (1,200 – 10,000 square feet) can be dismantled and relocated easily. Modern, architecturally designed pre-engineered buildings do not have to resemble the ‘beige box’ buildings found in industrial parks. Hey y'all, my name's Allison DuPree and I'd like to welcome you to my new web site, Barn Building! This series will help educate consumers on the basics of metal buildings and provide industry insight. The term, Metal building, is just a generic commodity term that is used for buildings with metal exteriors or sheeting. For a metal building or portable building at your home improvement center will either have a square tube frame or a wood framing system. The first framing system that on the metal building market was the wood-frame or post-frame system. After months of research they decided that a prefabricated metal building checked all the boxes. Since launching the service in 2004 over 200,000 purchasers have saved countless thousands on their construction projects.

As a result of these name changes there has arisen confusion, are we talking about a structural steel building, a modular building, a prefabricated building, a pre-engineered building, or a metal building system? Some are complete modular ‘building blocks’ that are bolted together on site to create the final building.
Although early metal buildings (between the 1850’s & 1960’s) were accurately described as prefabricated buildings, modern day buildings are referred to as Metal Building Systems (see below for further description).
Similar to the buildings that came before, these buildings were deemed to be ‘pre-engineered’ at the factory because they were produced from standard designs with limited configurations. The MBS term was coined in recent years by the industry to properly describe the modern structural engineering concepts & principles used in today’s metal buildings. As the steel primary framing (beams) are bolted together and braced - widths of up to 300 feet and lengths of 100 to 500 feet are not uncommon.
Typical roof pitch is 4:12 for this type of building, making it a better aesthetic fit for residential applications such as shops, garages and auto shops. These customized truss systems can be used with other building materials – wood, concrete, stucco, etc.
The same is true today, making this type of building the ideal building kit for the DIY enthusiast.
These buildings have the added benefit of straight walls with a curved roof profile, providing more usable internal space along with a more pleasing aesthetic for residential applications such as garages, shops and homes.
This level of accuracy again limits the amount of waste material and contributes to short construction times. With rust resistant finishes and high-performance paint finishes most buildings are supplied with a 30-40 year warranty against chipping, cracking, blistering & peeling. Modern high-tech paint finishes can reflect up to 70% of the sun’s rays which in turn helps keep HVAC costs down. Due to this fact alone, most new commercial & storage buildings erected in Florida are constructed from steel.
Buildings are also produced from 30% (or more) recycled steel, such as fridges, cars & industrial scrap. Architects have many roofing and wall panel options available to them to provide the desired building aesthetic. We have also added a number of structural engineering calculators to help specifiers, contractors, engineers, and structural engineering students calculate measurements such as snow loading analysis, seismic base shear & wind loading analysis amongst others.
Rural farming was and still is a major source of how we feed our families today and the barns and rural housing structures that once housed animals and livestock are being renovated into modern and contemporary homes.
While one of the major factors within a metal building purchase is the decision of what style of framing to use for the structure itself. In addition these buildings are pre-designed without any input from you and are meant to satisfy your storage needs for home, business, or farm as best as they can. Now, back to removing the exterior of the building allowing consumers to see the building for its core. Durability because of the strength of steel and the density or gauge of steel that is in each column, end wall frames, purlins, girts, and rafters.
Set the end wall frames and columns correctly in the concrete and then the system can easily be bolted together. It was through this research that they decided to share their knowledge and provide easy access to competing price quotes from local suppliers & manufacturers serving all 50 US states and Canada. With others being semi-finished modules that are again delivered to the site and fixed together before being finished.
Today’s prefab buildings consist of factory finished buildings such as toll booths, guard houses and small stand-alone classrooms.
Customers typically chose a steel building from a catalogue with standard dimensions such as 30x40, 30x50, 40x60, 40x80, 60x100 etc. The term also works for modern metal buildings because these buildings do work as a system because components such as the walls, roof, main & secondary framing are an interdependent group of technologies forming a unified whole.
This being said, this type of building is used extensively in the retail sector for large retails stores and shopping malls. This labor saving cost coupled with the low cost of the building kit makes this type of steel building one of the most economical structures on the market.
The fact that no on-site measuring and cutting is required can reduce the overall construction time by 40-50%, equating to lower assembly & labor costs coupled with a faster return on investment (ROI). With accurate design and components, contractors can make more accurate project estimates and virtually eliminate the extra cost of excessive materials and other unexpected expenses in the building process. The same is true for snow loading, making metal buildings popular in both Colorado and Alaska.
According to the ‘Steel Recycling Institute’ steel is North America's #1 Recycled Material – totalling over 80 million tons per year and representing more than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined. In place of metal cladding for the walls options available include brick veneers, concrete, masonry, precast concrete panels and glass fiber reinforced concrete to name a few.
Barn conversions are a great way to revitalize old barns that otherwise would just sit in disrepair. You might consider a storage shed at your local home improvement center a metal building but it is in an entirely different category than the type of metal buildings Lucas Buildings manufactures. That is why the price on a portable building is much lower per square foot for the small sized buildings than a metal building that is custom designed to meet your all of your specific needs. To combat this issue post-frame manufacturers introduced the hybrid building, with steel roofing trusses enabling wider and longer buildings to be erected with post-frames. Versus the durability and strength of Lucas steel versus web steel truss systems, weld-up kits, post-frame buildings, and hybrid post-frame with steel truss buildings. This bolt-up installation method is another reason that makes red-iron steel framed metal buildings more durable and cost efficient. Each describes a type of structure that is pre-designed and partially assembled in a manufacturing facility but they are quite different construction practices. Buildings also had standard size framed openings such as loading bays, doors & windows.
Will the building be self-build or will a general contractor be responsible for construction & finishing?

Rustic barn details are showing up in more interior design trends, and whether you wish to renovate an old barn or just steal a few elements in style – here are 10 to bring rustic flair into your home.Collect this idea1.
When I was a young girl I watched my daddy and the other farm hands build the barn that still sits on our family's property to this very day.
Please note that these framing systems that are listed below are types of framing for metal buildings that Lucas Buildings or authorized Lucas Builders have dealt with over the past 40 years in the industry.
The second word, limitless, with red-iron steel framing packages you are not limited in the width, length, or height of the building because of structural limitations.
Reclaimed timber and wood elements for your home:One of the most distinguishing elements of old barns is their heavy use of natural wood timber in their structure.
I've got a whole lifetime full of experience in the planning, designing and construction of barns.
Not to mention the endless amount of design options from framed openings for walk-doors, garages, and windows to many more design options. Many barns left the exposed structure visible as these building were for utilitarian purposes as opposed to being aesthetically pleasing.
The clear-span red-iron framing system with rigid end walls allows consumers to achieve maximum use of their building without interior columns to limit their space. Today, many homeowners are using reclaimed timber and wood in their interiors and carrying out the exposed structure vernacular as a rustic note in their home. Now when you are talking of a mammoth of a structure such as a distribution center or warehouse there are clear-span framing options with interior columns to support the structure itself adequately. From exposed columns in your interiors to roof trusses and exposed beams, you will love the rustic appeal it brings to your home.Collect this idea2. Expansive windows make for gorgeous views:The beauty of old barns is there wide openings to the outdoors.
Whether they were used to bring supplies through or to be able to let sunlight in to the livestock, rustic barns have the ability to set the scene for full panorama views.
If you’re converting an old barn ensure the new windows are eco-conscious for winter and summer heating for your new home.3.
Sliding barn doors to define your spacesPossibly one of the most popular design trends from rustic barns to cross over into contemporary homes is the use of the sliding barn door.
Used in old barns because of the ability to close and open very large door openings without a large door swing pathway, barn doors and barn door hardware is ideal for rooms that need to be closed off without a intrusive door swing.
Designers are finding new uses for these gorgeous doors for a kitchen pantry, bathroom doors, or to separate large rooms in your interiors.Collect this idea4.
Ensure your home is insulated if converting from a barnWhile the appeal of exposed walls and structure can be appealing from an aesthetics view, the insulation and how comfortable the temperature is in your home should be considered. Thermal panels, rolled batt insulation, and foam insulation may be options depending on how you decide to finish off the interior of your home. Seek advice from a professional heating and air engineer or consultant to help you ensure your home is comfortable all year around.5.
Soaring ceilings create voluminous space If you like plenty of airy loftiness in your interiors, barn conversions or opening up your current ceiling to just the exposed structure is a great option. For homeowners that prefer the more finished look, dry wall can be applied to the underside of the structural members, still opening up the rooms below to wide open ceiling area. Many homeowners find opening their ceiling to the structure above makes their rooms feel larger and the opportunity to let more light through with skylights or windows is an option too.Collect this idea6.
Kitchens borrow farmhouse details for your modern home If you’re trying to create a kitchen that shares many of the rustic details of barn living, look to farmhouse country style for inspiration.
Butcher block countertops made from wood are a rustic characteristic that many love for food preparation. Rustic pendant lighting in Benson, School House or other industrial-country inspired fixtures can illuminate your kitchen beautifully. Also look to barn door options to close off pantries and other rooms of your home.Collect this idea7. Rustic kitchen amenities to brighten your interiorsFarmhouse wrap around sinks and matching plumbing fixtures can accompany your butcher block countertops for a kitchen that borrows rustic details from popular barn conversions. Play off of the exposed wood in your dining room and kitchen barn furniture to wake up your kitchen. Pops of color such as blue, yellow and red are often Americana colors that playfully get used throughout modern country homes.8. Worn and weathered wood flooring to recreate vintage barn aestheticsAnother amenity along with barn doors that is trending in the design community is using knotty wood flooring planks that are weathered and worn looking. You can use reclaimed wood flooring from older barns for your home and get faux varieties that give a similar aesthetic. Consulting with a design professional before converting a barnSo you found an old barn that is in disrepair but you’re sure it can be converted into a great home for you and your family? Before you envision yourself moving in, consult with an architect or general contractor to determine what design modifications will be necessary to complete the project. Plumbing, electrical, structural and heating and air conditioning could be expensive and extensive. Restoring old buildings is an eco-conscious way of livingWhether you decide to bring rustic barn details into your home, or you plan to convert a barn into your new home, remember that reusing and repurposing old barns is a great way to make use of what is existing. In our world of new buildings being erected, it’s always nice to renovate the old and preserve its character and history for generations to come.Freshome readers what are your favorite rustic barn details that you would love in your home? It has always looked so cozy to me and I wish I could afford to implement these elements in my home. It would be fantastic to have a wide entryway from our kitchen to the living room, with the option of sliding the door open or closed depending on if we’re watching a movie.
My parents had something similar in my home growing up, and it was a lot of fun.Jack MooreI really like those sliding gate style doors. When I got mine, I was always worried that it would be fragile and constantly fall off the rail.

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