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Saiga 12 Izhmash Shotgun w Rail 19" barrel Converted by LegionRussian Izhmash manufactured Saiga 12 gauge shotgun with 19" chrome lined barrel and folding railed top receiver cover converted by Legion USA. People spend more than that to get ak 100 stocks put on their S12s that make their S12 look mass produced.
I'd love to get the 308 but because the 7.62x54r is so cheap and I already have a bunch of it I'm going to go that route. Yet once zeroed 1st 3 rounds of surplus silver-tip light-ball out of a cold barrel will be on the money at 2" or less if you do your work right at 100yd using irons. I think like you, that there was a reason for the 27" barrel Vepr to exist other than being able to actually show that mine is longer than yours .
It's just a set of end cap type things that allow you to use regular AK furniture on the front of it.

It is a temporary install on the lower hand guard from a Arsenal HG setup using a model 150-051 Versa-pod and 150-602A adapter. Man, Dinzag would have so much more people going after those gas tube mods if he provided the gas tubes. The only reason I'm selling this shotgun is because I am running out of room for the guns I have now.
The 23" is a bit cheaper and if it isn't a big diff in performance I may go with the 23" instead of the 27". You'd think the good people at Molot have done their homework and came up with the 27" barrel to meet a purpose. It is not a rifle that you can move around easily if that is what you are planing to do with it.

It came to me in the condition it is in.) Does not indicate made in USA Both mounted but for very short time.
Didn't know if you had a formal introduction section, if so I will post something there.
The wood furniture is from Ironwood designs and the butt plate has a spring loaded door for storing a cleaning kit. I'm eagerly awaiting a package from Michigan!So does he take your gas tube and modify it to attach the retainers?

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wood furniture for saiga 308 jakt

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