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Where the furniture comes from is an important aspect of buying new goods for many customers.
Whether you’re looking to fully furnish your living room, dining room, bedroom or home office, we’ve got the supplies and furniture you will require. The community of Knoxville, TN is our home and we love each customer as if they were our own family.
Oak has a certain quality about it that just exudes elegance and it is something you want in your life. Stop in to Oak Factory Outlet today to test out some brand new furniture made purely from oak.
Below are a few examples of our all wood entertainment centers, for more examples please visit us at our Knoxville store at 8843 Kingston Pike or you can view our vendors. We've been making fine custom furniture since 1978, and began full time furniture and custom woodworking business in 2013.
Since 1976, Jim McNutt and Wood stream Hardwoods have done every type of custom woodworking. We design, build, and install fine wood interiors, using exotic woods, wide plank flooring, and antique reclaimed woods. For any type of customer woodwork or hardwood flooring, whether residential or commercial, call Woodstream Hardwoods at (865) 524-0001. Woodstream Hardwoods Flooring mill and lumber yard is totally unique, with the most diverse selection of woods from all over the world. Woodstream Hardwoods carries many brands, as well as making our own custom antique, exotic, and wide plank flooring accessories.

I have also been building custom furniture, cabinetry and custom woodwork since 1978 and in 2013 began Woodstream Furniture Company.
You owe it to yourself, especially if you're a builder, to visit our extensive, unique hardwood flooring mill and lumber yard. The beautiful look of the wooden, handcrafted furniture will spice up any room in your house. Even if you’re just looking for a single piece or some accessories to match a room you’ve already set up, we offer anything you may need.
Many people believe that because furniture is made from wood, it won’t be comfortable to sit on or sleep in. We have made custom furniture, millwork, flooring, kitchen counter and table tops, entry doors, and more!.
Our unique lumberyard, woodstream Hardwoods in Knoxvile, Tennessee, has an unbelievable variety of flooring and lumber.
Knoxvillea€™s premier hardwood flooring, stair parts, decking and kitchen counter top manufacturer, Woodstream Hardwoods, has been making and selling hardwood flooring, stair parts and interior custom woodwork since 1970! Our unique inventory changes weekly; we invite you to check out our hardwood operation a€“ the most diversified in Knoxville and the Southeast.
Since 1970 we've warrantied all our hardwoods and adhere to strict grading and manufacturing criteria. Even just a simple chair will brighten the room and ensure someone is eyeing it carefully with envy. Each person is treated with respect and is handled with our utmost care to ensure you receive the highest quality customer service you’ve come to expect from stores within the area.

That’s not entirely true; you can still receive the quality wood furniture and have an excellent level of comfort. We are manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of all types of hardwood flooring, millwork, stair parts, lumber, decking and custom wood products from Knoxville and the forests of the world. Woodstream Hardwoods contracts commercial divers to salvage fine woods reclaimed from historic shipwrecks after archeology has been completed.
Our store is welcoming and warm, allowing you to shop with a sense of comfort and pleasure. Collectively we have over 65 years of "hands on" experience in hardwood flooring and building specialtiesOur installers and hardwood finishers are possibly the best in southeast America! Treasures such as beautiful mahogany, rosewoods, and pines are recovered from clipper ships, civil war gun boats, English brigs, Spanish galleons, etc. We make our wide plank flooring in long lengths and select old growth timber for large logs, making the most stable wide plank flooring. We wholesale, manufacture and retail over 107 kinds of wood flooring and wood products and have been since 1970. We work with marine geographers to provide ageless, salvaged historic woods for flooring and shipwreck treasure furnishings.

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