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Vermont custom furniture maker, Doug Clarner, specializes in handcrafted solid wood furniture for home decor, office and unique furniture gifts.
Clarner Woodworks produces one-of-a-kind custom furniture with a variety of high-quality wood types, from traditional choices such as maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, oak, and birch, to eye-catching varieties with more figure, like birdseye maple, ribbon mahogany, curly maple (also known as tiger maple), flame birch, myrtle and tap maple. Our custom made furniture makes a wonderful choice for a unique wedding or anniversary gift, or as a high-quality personalized corporate gift.
Greg Klassen is an artist who creates beautiful wooden tables with glass rivers and lakes embedded into their surfaces.
Greg Klassen is an artist who creates beautiful wooden tables with glass rivers and lakes embedded into their surfaces. The Washington-based furniture maker uses traditional hand tools as well as modern machines to create these original pieces of art. Klassen works in his personal studio just behind his home, keeping him close to his most important inspiration of all – his family. Taking inspiration is the way to go, you can never run out of ideas when it comes to nature, and this is a good example of innovative design ideas inspired by nature itself.

Glenn Furniture manufactures and sells custom wood furniture, wood crafts, wood carvings, Teak outdoor furniture, boats, pergola, gazebos, doors, windows, shutters, modular housing and much more. In the pursuit of meeting our goals of client satisfaction we are in the process of creating a network of websites for all our products. Glenn Furniture Manufactures custom handmade designer furniture from real wood - Teak, Mahogany, Beech and Pine woods. This handmade round coffee table is constructed from reclaimed wood salvaged from an old Alabama whiskey factory. In the pursuit of meeting our goals of client satisfaction we are in the process of creating a websites network for all of our products. Our simple yet elegant designs make our solid wood furniture a versatile companion to any office or home decor, and the unique attractiveness of our custom furniture belies the fact that it has been handcrafted to be a practical and functional part of everyday living. Each unique piece is hand-made out of discarded trees, even ones that have already started to rot. The combination of man made and natural materials makes this piece even more spectacular.Amazing job!

The piece is a handsome marriage of  modern and rustic styles – with the gray patchwork pattern of reclaimed wood mounted on a strong, contemporary iron base.
To make it easier for our clients each website is being set up to provide as much information about the product you are interested in.
Our goal is to make it so you can buy a masterpiece artistic custom original design at an affordable price.
Cherry wood is easy to work with in furniture making and has a typically beautiful figuring that reaches its potential when finished by master furniture makers. The wood furniture we build is hand carved to any style you like from Italian, American, French, Tuscany, Old World, Exotic, Rustic, Modern and many more styles.
Glenn Furniture furniture is an investment value of stylish art furniture perfect for the most luxurious homes decor.

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wood furniture maker malaysia

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