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Customization and environmental awareness Abbas says is driving consumer demand for furniture made in the USA. Manchester Wood designs and produces quality, affordable, eco-friendly solid wood furniture in the Green Mountains of Vermont and Adirondack foothills of New York. In this colour inspiration board I used the following tools and techniques in the SampleBoard editor. I literally created this board in less than 5 minutes, exported it to my computer and uploaded it into WordPress!
Whether you pick mid century modern, retro, purple flowers, modern furniture, 1950’s design or any other descriptive word – start with a keyword search. When done correctly, a mid-century modern design aesthetic, with its bold graphic designs, clean lines and bold colors, can make any room a show-stopper.
The ethereal color palette and driftwood accents, balance the bold, modern style, creating a calm, inviting living room in this beach-themed, modern room. This romantic living room with subtle Mid-Century accents, such as the gorgeous console table and bold pops of blue, is inviting and warm, something rarely achieved with Mid-Century design.
Mid-Century Modern design can easily lend itself to a groovy vibe, but this room somehow mixes fun, groovy pieces, with natural wood that creates a classy, adult space with tons of character. The European style that you want to match could be a Spanish estate, or a French cottage.  You can make your deck look like it belongs on a French cottage with some white paint, or you can change the roofing on your house to make it look like a mansion in the hills of Spain. The living room is an area where the family retreats to be able to relax and spend time together. A few examples of double-functioning furniture would include end tables and coffee tables that have shelving incorporated underneath the table top. Some armchairs, love seats, and couches will have trays that come out of the side of the arm of the chair. Getting an ottoman is a great way to hide the clutter of dvds, cds, and video games from your living room area. Keep these things in one area, so that the clutter does not over run your room.?? Entertainment centers are a great way to hide clutter. Consider adding barn door hardware to the wall in your living room to add wood doors that can slide shut when wanted. When deciding on extra decorations, if you are intending on trying to keep the area simple, only add one or two simple pieces to the living room. Start in one corner and work around in a logical fashion so as to not get confused about what has been sorted through and what has not been sorted through. If there are files, they need to be filed in a manner that makes sense for how many files there are as well as for how they are used in practice. If, after everything has been surveyed and catalogued, the office needs more furniture or more organizers, think about the overall look you are going for and do some planning. Whether or not you need to buy anything new, if your current cabinetry, office door and other fixtures are just failing to be adequately visually uncluttered, it may be possible to modify them in order to get more of the look and feel you want. It might take a bit of time and effort to get the uncluttered office of your dreams, but it will be well worth it. Often times, when one thinks of Scandinavian design one pictures modern, minimalist spaces with a few straight lines and flat white surfaces, cold environments that might look nice in magazines but aren’t exactly conducive to summer living. Scandinavians have always had a strong connection with their natural environment, and they reflect this in their home design.
Along with using organic light and environmentally-inspired design, Nordic homes also tend to use a muted, natural palette that emphasizes their unprocessed building materials and color schemes.
That characteristic “Scandinavian look” results from all of these elements combined, but also from something slightly more subtle. Nordic homes incorporate open, light-filled rooms into a clean and harmonious living environment that is designed to blend smoothly into its natural surroundings. Beautiful pinks, dusty rose, soft blush, rose golds and trendy copper… what’s not to love?
Romantic shades of soft pastels are making waves this year when it comes to decorating homes with this feminine colourway.
These images could be hosted on a variety of platforms like your computer, the web, social media accounts like Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa.
I would recommend starting with 3 to 5 words that you believe to accurately reflect your vision.

But these same characteristics can make decorating with a mid-century modern theme quite intimidating. The white mid-century accents, along with those gorgeous cabinet pulls, give this kitchen so much character. The contrast between the solid green chairs and the bold graphic of the rug is just perfect, even when it seems it shouldn’t be. If the room becomes too cluttered, it is no longer somewhere that you will feel relaxed, but rather, would feel anxious or unclean. Furniture that can be used for more than one reason, can help you keep your clutter at bay. This area would be perfect for magazines, books, television guides and any other paperwork that you do not wish to be cluttering up your room. This part folds down and has an area to keep a television guide or a magazine, along with an area for your remote control so that it does not get lost. An ottoman that has a lid, can be filled with all of these media sources, hiding them from view in the living room area.??Instead of placing knickknacks all over your living room, dedicate a few shelves for this purpose.
Make sure that when you pick one out, it has several shelves and most importantly, cabinets.
This will give your living area seclusion without having a standard door that opens into the room, using up precious space. If there are only a few pieces, they become focal points, so make them something interesting that you enjoy viewing.
After throwing out the things that belong in the trash, getting rid of the things that need to go and relocating things that belong elsewhere in the home, what remains should be a great deal easier to work with. Before you run out and buy anything to get organized, just start with grouping like items together. For example, some files might be accessed regularly, in which case a small file box on the desk might be the best solution for those specific files. Since the point is the make the place look uncluttered, having uncluttered lines can help with the visual part of that. For example, new barn door hardware could change the entry door from a swinging door to a pocket door, freeing up floor space and making the door and the whole room both look less cluttered. In truth, Nordic design is all about incorporating natural elements within the home to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Sunlight can be a rare commodity during the winter in some of the northernmost Nordic towns, and so a home that maximizes light exposure is highly valued. Houses are often constructed in minimally invasive ways, meaning that they try to leave their natural surroundings as intact as possible.
Light woods are often used throughout the home and in furnishing, and upholstered material is generally lighter, raw fabric. Plenty of storage, minimal clutter, and simple design translates into a clean-looking interior, and that makes smaller rooms look even larger.
Nordic homes are cohesive, meaning that their design is in agreement throughout all the living spaces within the home. Every element in a Nordic home is meant to feel inherently easy and organic, from the natural-fiber rugs to the integrated kitchen storage. Living in the southern hemisphere, we are deep into winter weather and just the thought of pretty pastels brightens my day! She’s a photographer from Finland and has really made a name for herself in the Scandi style interior blogs. Abbas continued, “As demand drives manufacturing, some manufacturers have been paying attention to this demand. SampleBoard allows you to import from these platforms so that all your images are saved in one place.
Clutter can lead to bad feelings, therefore it should be eliminated from the living room (and other rooms, of course) so that the area can be enjoyed.
When picking out new furniture, check out the features to see if there are any pieces that can do more than one thing for your living room. When you fold the tray into the upright position, the clutter is hidden inside of the piece of furniture.
You will want to place as much as possible behind the closed doors on an entertainment center so that it will not be able to be viewed by anyone in the room.

Having a door to your living room area is a great way to truly make it feel like a getaway rather than the central location of your home.
A large plant in one corner, a vase on top of your entertainment center, or a simple picture on your wall all will work great in giving your room some character without overpowering the room with too many items. Other files may be accessed less often, in which case a regular file cabinet might work fine. Simply having everything physically organized may not, by itself, make it look uncluttered. Cabinet knobs or handles could be replaced with new hardware that fits in better with the look you desire. Nordic homes are designed to blend interior spaces with their natural surroundings, encouraging organic light sources and muted color schemes that work perfectly to set a restful, carefree summer mood. This translates into open floor plans and multiple light sources, plenty of windows to flood the space with light and fewer walls to block it out. The same large banks of windows and open floor plans that encourage sunlight also work to bring the outside in, and Scandinavian designers incorporate elements that mimic exterior home features, like lofts and barn doors, to further blend the spaces. Paint colors are lighter as well to encourage bright interiors and, if not white, usually in understated earth tones, like green, grey or beige. This is particularly important when considering summer home design, when the square-footage is probably at a minimum and too much clutter can seriously impede on relaxation. This harmony is accentuated by the open floor plan, which offers an obstructed view of the entire floor as well as glimpses of the natural exterior. This ease and effortless comfort, coupled with the alfresco atmosphere these open homes encourage, make Nordic design features perfect for summer homes all over the world.
Be selective to where and how you use pastels, maybe only paint a feature wall like some of the examples below. Two, you can’t beat the styles Manchester Wood offers that hark back to days gone by, yet with a timeless appeal designed for the modern generation. But today I’ll be discussing how to use the search the web functionality to your advantage when sharing your vision with clients.
There are several ways that clutter can be removed from the living room area, while keeping it attractive with simplistic decor. Instead of having television trays in your living room for the occasional snack, use your couch instead. Entertainment centers with only shelves look hap-hazard and full of the color from different movie and game cases, rather than the uniform look of a piece of wood.
This will begin to make it clear if there are enough file folders, if there is enough space in the file cabinet, if there is enough shelf space and so on. Make sure there are enough shelves for books and generally provide the correct type of storage for each of the items used in the office. The need for more light also explains why white is such a prevalent color in Nordic homes, where dark surfaces absorb those treasured rays rather than reflect them.
Interior gardens, succulents and other house plants help to further the feeling of merging environments, and Nordic homes often integrate plants into their overall design schemes.
Artwork and other small features can add a necessary burst of color in these otherwise subdued color schemes, and add a point of interest to an otherwise monochromatic setting. Nordic homes use built-in shelving, cupboards, and storage units to make sure everything has its proper place, out of sight and neatly contained. The same building materials and color palettes, used throughout the house, further highlight this unified design. Her posters are inspired by materials, textures and geometry and her lastest range, the Veggie Collection is right on target with what we’re seeing in the interior design community. It does soften an uninviting interior immediately, but most of all, make sure you LOVE what you buy and only surround yourself with beauty. If new purchases are needed to get the place properly organized, it is a great time to go ahead and make sure things are clean-lined. Uncluttered surfaces then become the perfect venue for displaying a select few summertime finds, and Nordic summer homes often showcase natural found objects like shells or stones.

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