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When I moved into my first college apartment in 1989, my grandmother gave me a bedside table to use.
Prefab Outdoor Kitchens – From DIY To Finished, We Have The Outdoor Kitchen Package For You. Prefab outdoor kitchens are the best way to get the perfect outdoor kitchen for your needs. Prefab outdoor kitchens and grill islands offer all the appliances used in the typical indoor kitchen and more.
To make prefab outdoor kitchens even more versatile, you can choose nearly infinite styles and shapes to fit your available space and your taste.
Are you looking for a complete, modern, and contemporary outdoor kitchen design? Take a look at our line of premium Challenger modular outdoor kitchens. The Challenger prefab outdoor kitchens are available in many standard and premium colors to match your style.
Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens offers many options from clean and modern outdoor kitchens to a prestigious Outdoor Oasis. DIY Frame Kit Packages!Due to overwhelming requests, we are now offering several complete DIY Outdoor Kitchen Frame Kit and Appliance Packages.
Newest Product Additions:Big Ridge is proud to introduce Challenger Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets. Fun hike and a great place to get your daily workout, but it can get steep.  Remember to take water. The Colorado River passes through the Imperial Dam and is divided into three waterways.  The dam insures that the valley farmers will always have plenty of water for the local farm fields. Instead of having to leave the grill to go in the house for spices or sauce, you can simply walk a few steps to the built-in refrigerator or drawers.

No need to wait months for a contractor to make it from scratch, you get to use it right away. Challenger offers a fully self contained water system that runs off electric or battery power. The cabinets are modular meaning you can create the shape and style that fits your area and your budget. If you’re ready to see how affordable unsurpassed luxury can be, Click Here, You will be glad you did. These light weight, easy to move, modular cabinets are a great alternative to heavy permanent outdoor kitchens and are very durable and affordable. Take your time and check out the old business buildings along the wood plank walks and then go over to the cemetery and see the remaining mines. The waterway provides many recreational opportunities, such as, boating, swimming and fishing. Combine that with large solid surface counter top areas and well thought out prep zones with sinks, trash chutes, and paper towel holders, you won’t ever need to go inside while cooking. In addition, you can choose from a variety of stone colors to match your home or outdoor living space.
Just place some bar stools and your guests can watch you cook, enjoy a beverage and a few laughs while you prepare the feast. When your new outdoor masterpiece arrives, all you need to do it put it in place and hook it utilities, and add countertops of your choice.
Our modules are crafted with galvanized 20 guage industrial steel and factory welded for strength.
They will not rust or rot, they are made to last a lifetime, which is how long they are guaranteed for.

They are light weight and since they are not built in, you can take them with you, even if you sell your home. The unit comes complete with a sink, pump, 5 gallon clean water, and 5 gallon gray water containers.
And if you want, you can always add on later, the cabinets are made so you can simply order another module and attach it whenever you want to.
We also offer design assistance and package deals when you purchase your outdoor kitchen kits and appliances from us. Now that prefab outdoor kitchens have become more popular, the advantages of these spectacular outdoor kitchens are very evident. To make even more out of your outdoor experience, Big Ridge offers outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor heating to make it warm and welcoming!
Countertops are not included-you will want to make local arrangements for those.  It just doesn’t get much better than that. Each componenet includes attached composite deck boards to prevent the module from coming into contact with ground dampness.
Big Ridge goes the extra mile to extend the life of your outdoor kitchen and protect the value of your investment.

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wood furniture yuma az 2014

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