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I know taking apart wood pallets for diy projects can be a pain, thank God this one does not require any dismantling.
All you pretty much have to do is clean up the wood pallet, removing any rogue nails and splinters. As seen in the picture above, you can just add your tools into the slots by sliding them in from the top. One Hundred Dollars a Month reader Lani sent in this picture of a wood pallet she recently recycled and turned into an awesome flower garden.

Dietrich and Carlie hauled some wood pallets home on the top of their car and turned them into wood pallet gardens. I spied this recycled pallet filled with Golden Spikemoss at the Northwest Home and Garden Show earlier this spring. Last spring I found a mini pallet and after staining it I stuffed it full of all sorts of flowers.
If you would like to learn more about wood pallet gardening and how I put mine together, click on the pallets above and it will take you to my first pallet garden post of the year.

She had an old piece from a broken dresser that had been sitting in her garage for years and decided to attach it to the top of the pallet to fancy it up a little bit. She added her favorite succulents and added a bit of chicken wire to prevent the dirt from spilling out.

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