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Wood molding is used in residential and commercial applications in a wide range of woodworking and home construction projects. Homeowners, as well as home builders, are looking for that extra something to make homes stand out. Whether it’s a do it yourself project or you are hiring an installer or woodworker to do finish work, wood molding will be the element that gives visual appeal to create the finishing touch of the exterior and interior decor.
I could have stopped with adding a second layer of molding to the existing trim.  Some of you liked that better. 1.  Add an additional layer of molding with mitered corners to match the corners of your existing trim. If you don’t like painting everything white, install wood molding that you can stain. How would you do your techinque for a house that has those square pieces (decorative corner blocks is what one place online called them) at the corners of each door and window? Wood trim molding and millwork allows you to cover up certain imperfections or flaws where the walls, ceilings and flooring come together.
It can be as simple as a 1×4 inch piece of pine wood used for base board or as elaborate as crown molding used as a decorative touch to complete the look of a room. For many of them, the answer is in the high quality wood molding from Rino’s Woodworking—the trim details that turn basic structures and rooms into jewels. They should be stored in humidity controlled areas and placed on a flat level surface.  The joints required for installation are usually simple butts, miters, and copes, and the same basic installation steps apply to all trim work.
It may be plain or it may contain intricate designs, with abstract lines and cut images of leaves and other plant parts being the most commonly found in the molding.

As we always say, if you can dream it, we will build it – or at least provide you with the best materials available to get the job done right. We actually just posted a similar article on The Timeless House blog–3 Rules for Building Door Headers. We too have considered beefing up our moldings but we have a sill that sticks out on either side of the windows. Installing wood trim molding in a room not only adds character and appeal to the room but also improves the value of the remodelling effort at a relatively affordable cost. This will allow you to get rid of the burnish that has been left behind from milling the wood trim molding and will help the wood to accept the stain better. Vaccum the room and if possible, damp-mop the room with the purpose of doing away with any dust that may have been left behind. Molding can be used indoors or outdoors for wood window casings and doorways and provides an added barrier to the frame of a structure. Wood crown molding made from softwood such as poplar or more hard wood such as Red Oak, White Oak or Mahogany.
From all my experiences, I found wood molding to be the easiest way to improve the looks of any interior of a house or apartment.
If you are planning to install wood trim molding such as crown moulding or wood trim moulding in your room, the right time to stain the wood trim molding would be right before you cut if for installation.
You need to ensure that there is a small amount or no exposure to dust at all when staining wood trim molding.
Apply a coat of stain along the entire length of the wood trim molding with the help of a paintbrush or rag.

Trim wood molding can be used for chair rails around an elegant room or to finish fine furnishings such as a bookcase, cabinetry, to dress up a plain door, as a fireplace surround or mantle  and many other applications.
Molding is typically purchased by the linear foot which ranges from 4 foot to 16 linear foot of molding.  Molding can be purchased ready to stain, primed and ready to paint, or are prefinished and ready to install. Pine, fir, and oak are common woods used for baseboard molding, but many other types of wood including ash, cherry, bamboo and cypress are also used. Wood trim molding is available in a number of different sizes of up to 14 feet or more and staining one long piece of wood trim molding has proven to be more effective than staining smaller pieces of wood trim molding. Fold a piece of the 100 grit sandpaper with the grit on the outside with the aim of sanding between the crevices and gaps.
Let the stain set long enough to obtain the desired results and then mop up any excess stains off with a clean rag. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about how you can stain wood trim molding before cutting it for installation.
Be careful when distributing any solids that may settle down at the base of the can of stain to avoid the materialization of bubbles by stirring it in a slow and gentle manner.
Start swabbing down the stain on the same end where you first applied the stain so that the stain will be on the wood trim molding for the same duration.

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