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Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter and blogger living in Halifax Nova Scotia with her fiance, David.
This project requires true collaboration – little ones (especially depending on how little they are) and grown-ups will each have a hand in making this piece. As always, you are the expert on your little one(s) and you will know which parts of the activity are appropriate.
Painting the block. This step is optional, and was borne from the fact that I was recycling a piece of wood from the linoleum carving work that I do.
Add the yarn. Start by tying a knot in one end of your yarn and place the knot over the end of one of the nails. After you’ve traced the outline with the yarn, have fun filling in the leaf by running the yarn across the inside, around another nail, and back to the other side. We offer practical inspiration, creative support, and real glimpses into the lives of creative folks and families, all to help make living a creative family life just a little bit easier for you.
I've been wanting to experiment with string art for a while, so when Lion Brand Yarn's came to me with a craft challenge using their new Bonbons, I jumped right on it!
Since Christmas time, these blank planks of wood have been hanging on our living room wall staring at me. While driving home the other night I heard the song One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture come onto the radio. A while ago, I found this photo via Pinterest and knew I wanted to try the yarn and nail letters somewhere.
To make sure that my words were straight and spaced evenly, I drew a line along the bottom of each word and simply lined the guide-lines up and spaced the words 1″ apart. This will leave a slight impression in your wood and a chalk line for you to follow with paint. This looks a million and a half times better than the blank wood that used to be there, don’t you think!? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When not starting a new craft or home decor project she can be found in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, or at the beach.

The resulting art, a true reflection of the efforts of all, ends up not only being a beautiful and fun addition to your seasonal home decor, but also a lovely memory of the connections you crafted, the memories you made, while working together.
When you print them you can make them smaller or larger depending on the size of your block. First, trace the outline of the leaf, by weaving in and out and wrapping the yarn around some of the nailheads. Perhaps capturing a few different leaves in a variety of ways – with rubbings, painted prints, salt dough impressions, and nail art? Although I'm not much of a knit and crochet kind of gal, I still love experimenting with new ways to use yarn for my DIY projects. I love the lyrics, which always serve as a reminder that no matter the challenges of the day, God’s love is endless and always there.
My hunky husband created the words in Illustrator for me so that we could get the sizing perfect. You’ll want to be sure to place a nail on every corner of each letter and about every 2 inches in between. I found it helpful to wrap all the way around the perimeter of the letter and then go back and fill in.
Flip your piece of paper over, grab a piece of chalk and cover the letters with a thick coat. My son and I made a simple star and my male-half and I want to create one similar that will remind us of the true attributes of love.
Painting the block not only made it useful again, but it also ended up giving it a lovely, rich autumnal feel. This is a great opportunity to get your little one a real tool that they will be able to use for real projects for years to come. My handy husband built the piece out of an old fence that blew down during one of our crazy storms a few years ago.
I had an ah-hah moment when I remembered the blaringly blank wood planks hanging on our living room wall! For the O, I just kind of eye-balled it, since there aren’t any corners (I actually added more nails to the outside of the O than what are pictured below).

There’s not really any specific way to do this, just make sure to cover the entire area and go back around the perimeter a few times at the end.
Fold your piece of paper in half and draw half a heart at the crease of the paper (remember to make sure that it will fit onto your piece of wood). You can add some masking tape to the handle, closer to the head of the hammer, to remind them where they should grab for best control. I wonder if a bigger piece of wood, with bigger nails and bigger spaces between would help him to be more independent with this part. If you know how to use a hammer and can wrap a piece of yarn, then your project will turn out just fabulous.
Keep your paper folded in half while you use your scissors to cut around the half heart shape. Little artists will still enjoy painting, but you don’t run the risk of the project turning brown.
A custom monogram or an inspirational word would also make a great pattern for this string art project.
There may be little bits of paper stuck beneath the nails, you can pull them out with your fingers or tweezers if you’re picky.
POIS E UMA OTIMA IDEIA PARA TRABALHAR COM CRIANCAS (desde que eu martele os pregos rsrs ). Use your pencil to make a small mark on the wood at the bottom tip of the heart and where the top curves meet above.
Slip it onto one of the nails (I started with the nail that is at the bottom tip of the heart).

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