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Decorate walls and fences with these fun, colorful plywood projects or simply stake them in your yard. Place our special formula Transfer Paper on your wood, ink side down, then lay your Winfield pattern on top.
When grandparents say, “Give me something consumable” (the request we keep getting), that doesn’t have to mean cookies and candy. Acorn caps – One year my children and I gathered acorn caps and made polished knitting needles out of most of them and little wool babies out of the rest.

Seashells – Punch holes in the shells to make jewelry (my daughter’s suggestion) or embed the shells in plaster to make a garden decoration.
Look around your own house and neighborhood, send your children searching for interesting objects. This entry was posted in Natural Parenting and tagged crafts, gifts, holidays by Attached Mama. You will also need our Pattern Transfer Paper (Sold Separately) to transfer this pattern to your wood.

It's easy to make from wood and paint with the complete instructions on our full-size pattern.

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wood patterns for lawn decorations

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