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This realistic-looking pink pig family will get lots of attention as they stroll across your yard!! Reduced pricing when puchasing 10 to 49 eyes and further reduced when purchasing 50 or more. Wood Carving & Whittling PROJECT KITS contain pre-cut Basswood blanks, patterns and wood carving hints. Debra has contributed to my 100 birds project by purchasing some wood in the form of turning blanks from the local Woodcraft store.
Some of the figuring had a definite greenish tinge when I was carving and sanding, but it doesn’t really show since I put the finish on it.
The Royal Empress tree is native to central and western China, but grows well in the United States.
The wood is pretty, although not as striking as many of the species I’ve worked with.
Other species of Paulownia are used for furniture, construction, pallets, stringed instruments, surfboards, and in general any job that calls for a strong, light weight wood. I struck a deal with an online friend in another state who traded me some sample woods in exchange for a box of mesquite. This bird is slightly narrower than most of the others because I goofed when cutting the blank for it.
I’ve since carved a few things from sycamore, including a small spoon, a little bear and a snowman. Had I been paying better attention when I cut out the blank, I would have put that on the top where people could see it.
People do carve sycamore, although it’s more often used for turning and for furniture or interior finish in houses.
Debra took a trip to Oklahoma a few years ago to see family, and she came back with a trunk full of wood for me. Those black specks are the result of Blue stain fungus, which commonly attacks Ponderosa and a few other pine species. When I was at Woodcraft looking for some Purpleheart before Christmas, they had a big box outside, full of exotic wood scraps that they were selling at highly discounted prices. The genus Diaspyros, commonly referred to as ebony or persimmon trees, most of which are native to the tropics.

One problem with picking wood from the bargain bin is that you don’t always get the best samples. I have another piece of this wood, although it’s even more bland (fewer black streaks) than the bird I show here. Using varying tonal values creates both the realistic look of the buffalo skull as well as the woven basket effect of the background geometric pattern ring for this pyrography project from The Great Book of Wood Burning by Lora S.
Of all the art forms available to craftsmen, wood carving may well be one of the oldest developed skill in man's history. These giant colorful flowers are sure to liven up your yard as they spin wildly in the wind! Plan includes full-size patterns and assembly diagrams to make all three flowers shown plus instructions for cutting the center hub. Save time and money plus get professional-looking results by using our Giant Whirligig Flowers Parts Kit.
It appears to be a fairly popular turning wood, and there are pictures of some nice carvings available (search Google Images). So well, in fact, that it’s considered an invasive weed in many parts of the country.
She sent me an assortment of local woods, and I sent her stuff that she can’t get there. It was a good deal for both of us, since the woods each received are not available in our areas.
I used the Feed ‘n Wax on cottonwood bark before, and it darkened the wood too much for my liking. One day on my way to work I had to stop to move a branch that had fallen from one of the trees. Last summer I found a much larger piece of sycamore down by the creek, and put it aside for carving later. I carved this bird with a knife while I was at my wood carving club meeting on Thursday night. I remember being fascinated by them when I was in Boy Scouts, camping in the mountains of Colorado. It takes a long time to dry the sap in the wood, and if it’s not totally dry, the sap can make a mess.

Most of the scraps were too small for these birds, but I was able to find a few good chunks.
It’s unclear to me which of the three species of cottonwoods this particular piece of bark is from. The result wouldn’t be pretty, though, because the bark tends to crumble and splinter. Perhaps the most common type of wood in the box was this Black and White Ebony, a type of wood I’d never seen before. I actually got what I thought was a much better piece, but it broke when I tried to carve it. I have a bit more from the block that Debra bought me, and am looking forward to carve something else from it. I’ve only carved a few things in cottonwood bark (the whimsical house being one of them). Like the basswood bird (#16), this figure has an understated elegance that is enhanced by the simple grain pattern of the sycamore.
Today, the smell of the forest and the sound of the wind blowing through the Ponderosas always brings back fond memories. This wood was very dry, in large part because it’d been in the rafters of my garage for almost three years. The wood is prone to cracking, and that piece had a crack that turned out to be much more serious than I thought it was.
But without a finish, the wood would start to discolor, and it would also pick up dirt and oil from hands that hold it. The highly figured wood is quite expensive, though, so it might be a while before I spring for another piece. There was some sap on the ends of the logs, but I didn’t notice any sap at all in the wood.

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