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When you're hosting a posh dinner party you had better make sure you've got a decent selection of wine at hand. Etsy crafter Fluoshop is offering one of the most minimal wall-mounted bike racks we’ve seen. The kit sells for €65 (about $87) and comes with instructions stating it must be installed perfectly straight and on a wall strong enough to hold the load.
Ninety dollars for some dowel and wall fasteners (plus the wasted time, money, and energy on a screen-printed box).
Anywyay, the real problem is that the end user has to ensure that the hole they drill into their wall is perfectly normal to the plane and getting that right with hand tools is unlikely. LOL, yes… If this was a Kickstarter project there would be 32 comments raving about how cool this is and how excited they are to pay now and have the chance to take delivery of this amazing new hookless-hook product in a mere 12-18 months. Now German sheetrock might hold the weight of a bicycle but the leverage created by a 25lb.
For this reduced price, the Winsome Wood 28-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural comes widely recommended and is a popular choice with many people. Two simple wood pegs and some shelf hardware let your (lightweight) bike hang out while you do your thing.

The Winsome Wood 28-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural is certainly that and will be a great acquisition from our Las Vegas online store. Is your collection of Spanish varietals and Tuscan reds growing but your storage space isn't?
If you can learn the difference between your Merlot and your Pinot Noir, then you're half way there!The next step is to house your bottles in something which helps to visually enhance your image of wine connoisseur!As the name suggests, the Twelve Bottle Wine Rack neatly holds 12 of your favourite bottles of red or white in a striped zebrano effect wood veneer.
Winsome Wood's 28-bottle wine rack offers compact and economical (read: save your pennies for a new Chardonnay) housing for all those special vintages.
Cleverly constructed from 2 panels, each with 12 holes in, this wine rack is held together by some cross-bars which help to give the illusion of the 2 panels simply standing up on their own. When choosing the right storage, you should also consider the easy access storage to allow you reach easily the things you have put. Light and airy, this rack doesn't take up much visual space either--so it's more about adding ambiance than bulky furniture.
Free standing towel rack can be a good piece of storage that can be used to dry your towel while allowing you to easily reach it.
After showering, your towel is usually wet, so hanging your towel on the rack will avoid it to become dump and smell.

This rack is also useful when you want to add extra towels in your bathroom.Free standing towel rack is not only useful for drying your towel, but it is also space saving. So, whatever the size of your bathroom, you can still add this kind of rack in your bathroom.
Stacked seven rows high and only four holders across, this solid beechwood stand capitalizes on its vertical design and features a solid countertop for display and serving. If you have medium size bathroom, you can choose medium size of free standing towel holder to give you more space to hang more towels. Larger space will allow the towels to dry faster and more stable when it comes to handle a large and heavy wet towels.

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