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Each Native Bee Nesting Shelter includes 200 closed-end paper nesting tubes, which are 100% U.S.
Europe -- and two others now only present in very small numbers, according to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
In 2014, there was a combined sustainability community project between Rotary Club of Caulfield, Brentmoor Community Men’s Shed and 15 local Glen Eira schools. Students had to forage for a small amount of additional filling and padding for the boxes from their school gardens and art room. Our surveys indicate that native bees may outnumber honey bees in many orchards and we are trying to determine what orchard management practices promote native bee abundance and diversity.
I've seen them at a friend's house up the street a few minutes but have never found them on anything in my yard. Many local apple growers no longer bring honey bees into their orchards - they are relying increasingly on the naturally occurring native bees for apple pollination. Holy Cow!
There were several species working both of them that looked just like this but varied in size. Mason Bees are probably the easiest to house and I strongly recommend buying a product rather than making your own. With all joints glued and nail holes filled, the Native Bee Nesting Shelter will provide a viable nesting site for native bees, and a fixture of interest and enjoyment, for many years. The paper tubes are 6" long and packed in a range of diameters (6,7 and 8mm), to accommodate a variety of native bee species.

Though it looks a lot like a honey bee the proportions aren't quite right, the abdomen looks to thin, and the pollen on the legs isn't collecting as it would on a honey bee. Those Mason Bee blocks I made (the ones lacking a roof) took an hour to drill all the holes out, and 45 minutes once I got going. It's likely intended to attract the Giant Resin Bee, Megachile sculpturalis, another import from Asia. These bees are huge like our Giant Carpenter Bees but they have the sliming qualities of a Mason Bee. Also included is a stainless steel hanging loop (not attached) and directions for preparing and maintaining your native bee house (download pdf below). They are important pollinators of Australia’s unique wildflowers and are a vital part of our Australian Bushland. It really is the future, and of course this supports my saying that honey bee hives should be viewed more as a crop, especially for the backyard beekeeper.
Fruiting trees produce fruit (once you get past the laundry list of things that can go wrong with apples) and probably shouldn't be above a driveway, or near the street. Like the smaller mason bee they use tubes, usually the former nests to the Giant Carpenter Bees that they resemble.
It is important to protect native bees, because they are disappearing due to habitat loss and deforestation.To see more photos of our hive visit our facebook page About Chris Brown Chris is the coordinator of Belmont Neighborhood Centre's Community Garden - Habitat in Harmony.
There are other providers on the web of course and a number of systems available on Amazon too.

He is passionate about gardening and permaculture, and also does other odd jobs for the centre such as running cooking, photography and gardening workshops. And where native bees aren't abundant they can easily be used for quick pollination services. One thing I've found that's needed to build a good native bee population is a healthy environment. Many crabapple trees become loaded with red-orange berries that birds will eventually eat, but in the meantime they look pretty when the snow falls. Mainly an abundance of soil types, slopes, hallow stemmed plants, dead wood, with an abundance of native plants that flower when the bees are active are needed for these other pollinators to show up and establish themselves.
This can be tricky though for farmers because they want the bees to focus on their crop most of all.
Maintaining a patch of wildflowers and mowing it over when the crop starts blooming would solve this problem.

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wood shed and native bee honey dipper

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