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Nova Scotia is gorgeous, I've spent some time in Halifax and have spent quite a few overnights in St. Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn?t mean it is good design.If you didn't have the time or money to do it right in the first place, when will you get the time and money to fix it? Thanks MountainDon tomorrow I'll try and scan my plans for the foundation portion of the build to see what everyone thinks. MountainDon as promised I hope you can expand and see the plans so I can get some good feedback. Well just got back from the lumber store with my concrete forms ready to go for tomorrow morning.
Surprisingly took four hours or so do do all the digging, leveling, setting the footings, and back filling and cleaning up. Just a question, are you planning to put the 2 x 6's between the beams, or on top of them? MountainDon as I mentioned earlier here are the first draft plans the main floor layout is being tweaked still (Ie: door loacations windows and such) but over all basic structure is going to be roughly the same.
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Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer. Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. This shed can house up to three 32-gallon trash cans (24 inches wide by 33 inches high), but you can adjust it for any size container by setting the container on its side and laying out the framing around it.For the base, cut a 2x4 to 36 inches with a jigsaw.

I have been doing some extensive research on different articles for my build project like collecting rain water for grey water use, alternative off grid living ideas, and most importantly building ideas and concepts.
If you have any questions, no matter how odd you might think them to be, ask them before using tools and so on. Here is the final result on the footings.Now I am able to visualize everything a little better now, and with that it concludes day 3 tomorrow have to go back up with the laser level and set a height on the tubes and prepare for concrete.
More in between Truro and New Glasgow area stones throw from the 104 snowmobile and 4wheeler trail. I am still researching this issue and like my septic I'll have to do a speerate thread for imput on that design and build. Hoperfully the floor joisting may make some more sense when you look at both peices of the puzzle.Thinking of compromible idea as to others. The intention is to be comprible to Lemay's build with the dual loft with a bridge upstairs, fairly open layout for the main floor. The lines on the drawing are 2 ply laminated 2x8 then stringing 2x6 between them for the floor joists.
My Grandmother passed away last month and my brother inherited her place so my dad is going to sign this land over to me. They're good for occasional use places, cheap and easy to put in (just need pipes and a big sledge hammer basically). Wood stove in the corner by the stairs and running not sure either double wall or single wall stove pipe straight up. On his property a number of years ago we built a small 12x12 cabin if nothing else to lay claim to the land.Over the last year of so as my now family gets older I have been pondering options as whether to add to his cabin, and have recently concluded in starting an additional place for me to call home. The inside floor joist are 2x6 pressure treated 16" OC with hanger brackets on both ends as well as nailed. Are the winds expected to be below 90 mph or is there the possibility of higher wind speeds as in much of the coastal and near coastal USA?To my eye the beam layout is not conventional.
I don't know your area specifically, but I had a buddy in the valley in similar looking terrain that put one in years ago.

I welcome any ideas and suggestions as we have recently embarked on this journey of which I will try and follow from start through to finish. The terain is very rocky so much so that the ecavation guy is bringing his largest excavator cause even he finds it tough to dig in the ground up there. The norm is to run main beams in the long direction, under each wall in the same manner that would be used with a building on a full perimeter concrete or block foundation wall. Actually about a kilometer up the road there still lies the Irving Cemetary although it is all grown up now. Mark the front leg at 42 inches from the base and the back leg at 48 inches.Lay another 2x4 on edge across the legs at the marks. This represents the shed roof, which will have just under a 10-degree pitch to direct water away from the house. That was a determining factor for me as I wanted something far enough from home to be removed to everything but close enough to have continuous use all year. Recycling grey water for the toilet is another good water saver, I actually know a guy here in town that does that. The max distance on the 2x6 span is less than 8 feet with joist hangers so it should be plenty stiff. I think if I was too far I feared I would be spending the money for once maybe twice a year and for that I could rent somewhere.
I think if I was too far I feared I would be spending the money for once maybe twice a year and for that I could rent somewhere.I know that area a little bit, my sister-in-law lives in Bible Hill.
I probably would have built in Wentworth somewhere, but an opportunity came up last year to buy the old family homestead for a good price so I jumped on it.
Mine might now end up being a hybrid mobile home based cabin in the name of speed and cost savings, but I also plan to build a small studio cabin for working on the property.

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