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Check with the wood stove manufacturer to determine the recommended distance between the back wall and the stove. Attach one-inch non-conductive ceramic spacers 6 inches apart along the vertical length of each side of the area where you will be building the stone veneer wall. Spread out a plastic drop cloth and make separate piles for the various sizes of flat stone. Spread a thin layer of concrete over the stones and the end of the wall tie resting on the stone.
If the stove ventilation pipe will run through the stone veneer wall, measure the size for the hole.
Contact the manufacturer of your wood stove regarding the appropriate distance between any combustible items and walls.
The standard, minimum clearance for radiant wood stoves is 36 inches, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
In recent years, many homeowners have turned to wood stoves to heat their homes instead of natural gas or electricity. Imperial Stove Boards protect walls and floors from the intense heat, hot coals, ashes, and soot that woodstoves can produce. Can be used with a Stove Board Spacer Kit to protect walls from heat reducing the clearance between the appliance and combustible materials by as much as 67% to a minimum of 18”.

May also be used under other heating appliances such as kerosene, gas, and electric heaters.
Hole in wall obscured by 6mm or 12mm Hardiebacker board created in two halves (can be painted with emulsion).
Twin wall stove connector was a little loose in stove collar so I added some self adhesive fireproof webbing.
When I have two or more metres of frestanding flue I add some self tapping chunky screws to the joint between the flue pipes for added security (I drill holes with a strengthened 4mm drill bit and then add the self tappers).
ALL LINKS BELOW THIS BUTTON ARE AIMED AT SELF-INSTALLERSThe links below are all aimed at self installers (builders, tradesmen, competent householders etc.). Building regulations for wood burning stoves: The manual is designed to be used alongside Document J of the Building Regulations for wood burning stoves, England & Wales (stoves without boilers) and Document G of the Building Regulations England & Wales (stoves with boilers) coupled with any advice provided by your local Building Control. A stone veneer back wall can offer all of the lasting beauty and elegance of a fireplace, as well as hide an all important safety feature. Build the wall high enough to cradle the piping, then finish constructing the wall around it. Give them the dimensions and they will be able to tell you exactly how much stone you will need for the project. We then notify you of "stove availability" and also check "best possible price" (which may be less than we are allowed to advertise with some brands).

This is not a problem to get too hooked up on because as soon as the fire is established all is well. When I slid the stove onto the connector I added one self tapping screw that passed through the stove collar and through the webbing and snout (so stove could not slip off of chimney).
Note that regulations for Scotland and Northern Ireland differ slightly and precise details should be checked for compliance.
A 1-inch air ventilation space is necessary to avoid a buildup of dangerous levels of heat that can cause a devastating fire. Every 1 ½ feet to 2 feet place a metal wall tie over the stones and bend the end up against the wall. Once the pipe is in position, seal it to the stone wall using a flexible stove pipe sealant.
Note the blue spirit level line used to mark where the middle of each bracket should be placed. A small amount of natural flat stone and quick drying cement will save you money and quite possibly your home.

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wood stove back wall ideas

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