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This entry was posted in Pop Culture, Uncategorized, United States and tagged Black Friday, Commerce, New York, Retail, Shopping. If you are traveling to NYC, and you are looking to buy an outfit, leave Manhattan for a while and go to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. All year long there are different deals in Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, classic 10 to 20% off… and many others like BOGO free (buy one get one free), BOGO 50% off on the second article, and 3rd article per 1USD. It takes one hour to get there from NYC, but it is worth it, I know for sure you will have a nice time shopping.

There are a lot of stores such as Coach, Polo, Gap, Nike and Kate Spade, where I bought things. Indeed, it will take 1 hour to go, and one more to go back (by bus), and 3 to 4 hours maybe more for shopping.
I was surprised because the outlets had a variety of big-name brands at cheap prices.I bought perfume at a low price. Then with nice weather, it’s better to go to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets because it’s like a small town.

Next, I went to Starbucks two times, because if you go to there after 2 p.m, you only had to pay 2 dollars.

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woodbury commons ysl

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