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Woodbury Common Outlet es uno de los centros comerciales mas populares y altamente reconocido de tipo Outlet dentro de los Estados Unidos por sus bajos costos y de venta directa , Centro comerciales que estan disenados especificamente para la venta de mercancias de exceso de existencia y descontinuadas permitiendo grandes descuentos. Levis Outlet, Tommy Hilfinger, Nautica, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Equipo T, especular, Nike, Gap, junto con otras cadenas de reconocidas marcas y de disenadores son solo el comienzo de una lista de los 220 puntos de venta, todas con precios espectacularmente bajos. Para comodidad de los turistas de todo el mundo, el centro ha hecho un gran esfuerzo para facilitar la visita Woodbury Common, no solo una experiencia memorable y divertida, pero tambien sencillo y conveniente. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets ® is the world's largest collection of designer and lifestyle brand outlets. There will be a shopper shuttle from Harriman Train Station to and from Woodbury Common running continuously during center hours for Memorial Day Weekend beginning May 22, 2015 through May 25, 2015.
When you show your rail ticket at Guest Services in the Welcome Center or Food Court, you'll receive a complimentary VIP Coupon Book worth hundreds of dollars in additional savings at participating stores (a $10 value).

Getting to Woodbury Commons outlet is easy, you just need to decided which mode of transportation you want to take.
Below is a list of buses available that will get you to the outlet, and many include free coupon books. If you would like to be picked up from your hotel or home, you can grab this shuttle that will take you to the outlets.
If you really plan on shopping and want a lot of space, then book a private limo and go in style.
Since the outlet is so popular, not only among tourist, but also with New York residents, there are plenty of options to choose. Below are a few places that will also give you special offers, if you tell them you will be visiting Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

The easiest thing to do if you are driving is just input the address into your GPS as it will take you straight to the outlet.
For an unforgettable ride, you must book 48 hours prior so please call (908)474-9700 for reservations. Our new modern Market Hall provides complimentary Wi-Fi; cell phone charging stations, a expanded nursing station and family restrooms.

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woodbury commons zipcar

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