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Woodcraft is, in every way, a family business with its reputation built upon countless word-of-mouth recommendations. Kurt Hoermann and his company, Woodcraft — Cabinet Concepts, illustrates the value of the small family business to the community at large. INFO Contact Woodcraft Cabinet Concepts today and let us know what’s on your dream wishlist! Look up product instructions, videos and articles about your favorite tools using our Learning Center. If the item qualifies for Free Standard Shipping, but your order contains other ineligible items, you will be charged shipping fees for those ineligible items. N., Hamilton, you cannot fail to sense his unabashed pride in his calling as a cabinetmaker.

Its focus has essentially remained the same over the past 40 years — renovations for a residential clientele seeking a fresh, new look. Here is displayed an impressive range of kitchen and bathroom designs, granite, quartz, and laminate countertops. His ideals and commitment to succeed have enabled him to set down firm roots, and his company continues to prove that craftsmanship has a genuine place in this fast-changing world. His enthusiasm bubbles to the surface as he explains the merits of renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms (or any room, for that matter) using his ideas in space redesign. His cabinetry skills, acquired over almost 40 years in the trade, have been the backbone of the company, Woodcraft — Cabinet Concepts.
These key rooms take the most wear in any home, and benefit greatly from a new lease on life as envisioned by Kurt and his staff.

His son, Michael, after completing an Industrial Woodworking certificate at Conestoga College and a three-year apprenticeship at Woodcraft, is continuing on the road his father set for Woodcraft. Although residential clientele are the heart of Kurt’s business, selected commercial work is undertaken, including corporate offices and high-end custom woodworking projects.
Determined to be his own man and exploit the freedom Canada offers those from the Old Country, Kurt opened his cabinet business in 1971, just 10 years after arriving in Canada from his native Germany.
The introduction of visually stimulating wood cabinetry, distinctive tiling, luxurious granite counter surfaces, quality faucets and surrounds, and shower bases with gleaming glass doors transforms jaded rooms into an exciting and welcoming experience.

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woodcraft cabinet plans 02

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