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The vertical design with an old wooden ladder helps stretch the ceiling and balance your interior decorating, bringing the warmth of natural wood and charm of vintage items into your modern room decor. The horizontal design add more storage space for books and create attractive frames for displaying pictures and crafts, small indoor plants and collections, offering unique and personal, informal and comfortable room decor ideas.
Using a wooden ladder, old or new, is the easiest way to add a personal touch to room decorating, selecting your favorite paint colors or incorporating beautiful rustic wood into your room decor. You can cut a ladder the exact size for designing unique bookshelves, pot and clothes racks and placing them vertically or horizontally on the wall or hanging it under the ceiling. Old wooden ladders are surprising elements of interior decorating that make striking room furniture and decorative accents.
Interesting and unexpected items, like old wooden ladders, used in interior decorating, bring elegant simplicity into modern homes and connect generations, creating cute and sentimental home decorations. Lean a ladder against the wall, adjusting the distance from the wall at the bottom until the ladder rests securely. You can use a vertical ladder design as shelves for decorating with textiles, vintage towels, quilts and crafts, photographs and books, attractive storage baskets and small indoor plants. Shorter ladders make gorgeous night tables for bedroom decorating and create unique side tables and console tables for the living room or entryway decorating. Wooden ladders make attractive clothes racks in hallways and elegant towels racks in bathrooms. A house is always designed in such a way, that there is enough mobility around without really getting obstructed. The hallway is one of the very first impressions of the home that your guests and visitors come across.
Flower vases of different sizes lined up on a side table look really attractive, you can even put a huge mirror with a stylish frame on the hallway wall. Old work boots make good planters for flowering plants that add charming accents to an old ladder and create striking backyard decorating. Rustic wood ladders look wonderful, adding warmth and soft natural wood colors to green garden decor.
Garden ladders are inexpensive and eco friendly backyard decorating ideas that create organic, pleasant and unique garden design.
It is not difficult to make inexpensive and cute country style garden decorations of wooden ladders for your balcony, patio, deck or porch decorating.
You can easily make cheap outdoor garden decorations from an old ladder and simple natural materials, like tree branches and recycled metal wire, glass jars and small wooden boxes, transforming  your old wooden ladder into unique garden art piece for your backyard decorating.

Home Interior Design IdeasYour daily source of interior design ideas for your Pinterest pinning. The Italian Boy Bedroom Decor published at Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 was a good-looking and original design. Because we love to share everything about home design, interior decor, furniture, and also architecture design idea.
When watch at the image of Italian Boy Bedroom Decor characteristically we can categorized the design as Bedroom , independently as architecture design enthusiast I was so rhapsodical. Wooden ladders make wonderful furniture pieces, cloth racks, pot racks, shelves and frames for small indoor plants or picture displays. Shelves and furniture, created of a ladder is a great way to display your favorite things, photos and crafts. Wooden ladders will dramatically change the way your room look, adding relaxing, country style inspired, modern interior decorating ideas and adding eclectic flavor to your home interiors.
Old wooden ladders are the way to add personality and country style warmth to your modern interior decorating and create unique rooms to enjoy. Place self-adhesive rubber grips to the underside surfaces of each side rail, if you have slick floors to position your ladder securely. An old wooden ladder, hanging under the kitchen ceiling provides more storage space for pots and pans, adding country style chic to modern interior decorating ideas.
Incorporating a wooden ladder into home decor gives an excellent opportunity to create an unusual book shelves and design eye catching displays. We do not design rooms that are attached to each other; rather we build houses where the rooms are connected in an organized way with the help of a hallway or gallery. As soon as a guest enters your house, and at times even before reaching the living room, the guest moves across the hallway and hence it is not a good idea to ignore the hallways appearance. There is no need to clutter the tables and walls with all that you have got rather you should rotate things from time to time.
Simple and eco friendly backyard decorating ideas that recycle old items help get rid of clutter and protect the environment. Old watering cans, bowls, candle holders or shoes with small plants and flowers, placed on a wooden ladder, make gorgeous garden decorations that add personality to your backyard decorating ideas and help recycle useless items. Rusted watering cans or candle holders, placed on a ladder can be used for your creative backyard decorating ideas also. Wooden ladders offer attractive backyard decorating ideas in winter, and they create stunning displays in summer, when adorned with green plants and blooming flowers.

Wooden ladders make excellent garden decorations, plant stands, garden trellises, exterior wall shelves, hanging racks, chandeliers and creative sculptures.
Get inspired, use what you have in your garden for informal, relaxing and peaceful backyard decorating ideas. Old garden ladders provide natural and recycled material for creating unique outdoor garden decor with watering cans and flower pots, wind chimes and small handmade garden decorations, that bring beauty and ambiance to your home at no cost and help save the planet. Rustic wooden ladders become unique and stylish room decor accessories, when combined with modern interior decorating ideas and creative designs.
They allow to experiment with paint and textures, looking for the best interior decorating ideas to match existing room decor. Here are some beautiful hallway decor ideas that would give you quite a few pointers to decorate your own hallway.
This will add freshness to the decor as well as give you a chance to show off all the interesting purchases you have made over time. Old wooden ladders make elegant garden decorations with small plants and flowers, wind chimes and watering cans, creating a beautiful focal point of unique garden design.
Get inspired and create an unconventional shelves or racks of your wooden ladder, adding charming decorative accents and chic to your modern interior decorating ideas.
The gallery or hallway is the area which provides passage to us moving from one room to another; hence many people tend to ignore the hallway completely. Not much attention is given to the hallway as people are more focused in decorating the living room and bedrooms. The time spent at the hallway is actually the most impressionable time spent by the guest at your home. First of all, the professional touch would not give you enough attachment with the home as you would not be as attached to it as you would if you had designed and decorated it yourself. Your hallway could double up as a window to show off your collection of paintings, decorations, table lamps, artifacts. You can decorate the hallway in a particular theme of your choice it is always a good idea to place an object that would grab the visitors attention as soon as they step in.

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