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The story tells how Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen began business as a carpenter who later switched to making wooden toys. When tragedy struck and a fire wiped out the workshop, Ole decided to rebuild.  The new factory was bigger than before and the company was soon back to making wooden toys again. I am really glad I watched the movie because it showed a bit of the back story of how growing a business is never an easy proposition. Unlike modern LEGO sets, this model only consists of one piece, being made completely of wood. When the wheels move, the beak of the duck opens and closes by means of a cam connected to the wheels, meaning it was made with some other construction elements than just wood.
When the original LEGO factory burned down, the duck was among the first toys to have its instructions redrawn. Lego has been around since before I was born in fact LEGO Celebrates 80 Years in business this year.

Ole Built the business up slowly and eventually had a thriving business making quality wooden toys. One of the latest machines displayed was a plastic molding machine.  The demonstration parts that were being made were little tiny plastic bricks. Approximate size and weight are listed below, but each individual will vary slightly in size, weight and appearance. Lego did something unique to celebrate it’s 80 years in business, they made an animated  movie that tells the companies story. Later Ole began personally driving around Denmark making deals to sell his toys directly to the shop owners.  Kristainsen bartered  some of his sales and got enough money to keep things going while he slowly built his business. Lego has branched out into so many areas of childrens fun and education.  There are now Lego Video games, online communities, Legoland amusement parks, Lego stores.
Yet on the patent pages filed in Denmark the Godtfred’s last name is spelled Christainsen.

If more than one is ordered then different names will be selected for you automatically and postage will be combined to save costs. We recommend combining these with the ducklings to make a family set and save on postage!
In the back of his mind Ole was still fascinated by the little plastic blocks he had brought home from the trade show.  Something about the blocks intrigued him  so he redesigned them and put them into production.
I emailed Lego to get the correct spelling and I got a response from Lego Press officer Roar Rude Trandgbaek. Roar advised that the spelling of the name really depended on the Generation  you are referring to.  Mystery solved.

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wooden duck furniture ri

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