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Although no longer the outright best seller of former years, wooden garage doors have long been among the most popular types of garage door available. A significant reason for the lack of interest from the domestic market was simply aestheticsthe new doors just didnt look anywhere near as stylish and people quite understandably were concerned about the obvious correlation between garage doors and property value. When a single item can easily account for over one fifth of the immediate visual aspect of a house its important to make sure it looks smart and wooden garage door panels certainly achieve that, especially if they are stained or painted to match the wood trim on the rest of the house (doors, window frames, soffits, fascias etc).

A badly rusted and dented steel door may in fact operate perfectly well but still get replaced long before a wooden door might, simply because most folk cannot stand to look at an ugly garage door (even if it is still functionally ok).
Also, the concept of secure garage doors is something of an oxymoron when looking at most standard metal doors, but wooden doors are intrinsically more robust.
Wood is also a naturally effective insulator and outperforms all man-made materials used for garage door panels, though once again its not quite so simple, since it is quite simple to fit garage door insulation to any metal door (either pre-installed or using a DIY kit) and immediately turn the tables.

Entrance doors the Sienna double entry doors finished in our black antiqued patina with pewter antiqued handle sets.

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wooden garages shropshire

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